April 1, 2012

Sunday Shopping

I have no clue what happened to my post from Friday, but it disappeared so if you were one of the lucky few people to get a glance of what I was loving, lucky you!

Ever since my Blogger dashboard changed formats, things have been wackadoodle.
Basically, I was loving American Idol (I love Elise!), Spring Market (I have been working with my mom and her jewelry all weekend), Easter fast approaching (Four day weekend, what!), buying Aerosmith tickets (I bought them.  July. ATL. You better watch out), and a few other things (booze).

Today is the last day of Spring Market and if you think that being in a huge place with tons of trendy boutiques and jewelry from all over the South was hard.... You'd be right.  I did pick up a Free People vest that I am thrilled with, can't wait to show you little chickens. 

If you are looking for the most fun thing to do today, come see me at the Agricenter!
I'll be here til 5 and the booze flows promptly at noon.



  1. Bekah, I ADORE this outfit. So simple, so flattering on you. Perfect!

    1. Thanks, Kate! BEST part is that it is comfy as all get out!


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