March 28, 2012

12 in 2012: UPDATES

It has been 2012 for almost three whole months now.  So far, so good.  I hope you can say the same.
Early in January I documented 12 things I wanted to get done in 2012.
A bucket list with a year expiration date, if you will. 
Here they are again... with updated information by each of them.
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one: apply to grad school UPDATE: I applied!  Gathering the last few checkpoints (see next one) and then it is in their hands. (Prayers wouldn't hurt, chickens!)
two: take the praxis by march UPDATE: FAIL!  I am taking it in April though, registered & paid for.  Now just got to get some practice tests down!
three: work on my finances (make a dent in loans, etc) UPDATE: I have to take this from the back burner to front and center.

four: learn the basics of sewing & make a skirt (or a pillow) UPDATE: None.
five: read more books (hello, kindle) UPDATE: Three months in 2012 = Six books down and in the beginning stage of another.  I'm proud of myself and becoming more and more obsessed with my Kindle Fire.
six: run a 5K UPDATE: None, sadly.  Ugh!
seven: drink less coke UPDATE: Pretty good, I only reach for a diet soda on the most desperate of days.
eight: make time for myself to think and grow UPDATE: let me think on it... haha jk, I do need to 'unplug' more and take it all in more often.
nine: cook more meals at home, go out to eat less UPDATE: I have been doing better! I have been bringing my lunch to work & dining out less. YAY ME!

ten:  take better care of myself UPDATE: I have had the best of intentions, can't blame myself for that! It's a process!
eleven:  take TWO real vacations, one in the mountains & one to the beach. UPDATE: HALF WAY DONE! Beach = SUCCESSFUL!  Are there mountains in NOLA? Because I am planning a super awesome trip there in two months!
twelve:  shop less, thrift more UPDATE: I haven't thrifted AT ALL since 2012 started... Contemplating making April a thrift-only month... contemplating.
Well, there you have it little chickens!  Achieving some life goals, while merrymaking IS possible.
How are you 2012 goals coming? Happy hump day!


  1. I want to go to mountains too..
    I say you should certainly make April a thirft only will help with the finances goal too. :)

  2. I didn't set any goals for myself in 2012 per say, but I do need to cut down on spending! I now cook one weekend night instead of going out to eat to save money. The only problem with that is now I need more recipes hehe.

    The Tiny Heart

  3. I can help you with the debt stuff and the sewing. Let me know if you have any questions! Congrats on the things that you've made progress on! <3

  4. Go you for trying super hard to meet your goals! It takes such determination!

  5. I wish I liked thrifting, but truth be told, I despise it...

  6. Holy crap, I had no idea they made Diet Sunkist. I need some like NOW!


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