March 22, 2012

love list

Sometimes Pinterest can be daunting and overwhelming, but sometimes it really brightens up my day.
Here are some things that made me super happy to browse through today:
I am going to see the Hunger Games tomorrow, and this just made me all the more excited about it.
Explains the McDuffie household quite well.
This playsuit from ASOS is perfect for the approaching spring!

My favorite performance from Idol last night... She may become one of my favorites.
This is pretty much a pointless post, but I really do love all of these things.
I wore something really cute yesterday but it rained allllll afternoon, so no luck on that.
The good news? I went shopping and got 3 new dresses for under $60! Thanks, Ross!
Also, I got a new lunchbox because I decided to finally embrace the teacher in me.
HA! Cheers to it almost being Friday!


  1. Jealous of your shopping spree. I need spring attire, but alas I am still on a strict no shopping plan (thanks Lent).

    My fave will forever be Phillip Phillips.

    1. even though im also on a strict shopping plan shopping in my head..and im also shopping and leaving it in my shopping basket in the website its like its holding my stuff until im able to pay for and yes ! Phillip is my fave him and also Colton...

    2. Oh yea, I'm still window shopping and I created a "Lust List" on Pintrest. So when Lent is over I'll decide what is worth my $$ or necessary to my spring/summer wardrobe.

    3. I have a shopping problem. But if I didn't grab some spring dresses for work, I will be burning up for the next 2 months ha! I need a shopping ban, but alas... no will power.

  2. Love the "This House runs on Love, Laughter, and strong cups of Coffee" Soooo true!! Of course it depends on who makes the coffee!!! Love, the Mama

  3. Jessica is my Idol fav so far...her voice is just so powerful! I'm also really liking Phillip because his voice is so different. I think Heejun is getting the boot tonight!

    The Tiny Heart

    1. I feel that Jessica is a lot like Pia from last season, where they are amazing singers... but don't show personality in their song choices and such! I'd hate for anyone to leave this early, but Heejun is HILARIOUS!


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