November 30, 2012

A Merrymaker's Guide to Gift Giving

I know what you were thinking.  You are facing the most difficult decision of the season.  What ever do you get for the Merrymakers in your life? Whether it be your sister, best friend, or blogging buddy--I have some insight!  What would I recommend for the Merrymakers on your Christmas list? Well, my first answer would honestly be gin.  Seriously, I've been trying gin in a variety of different recipes and have yet to be disappointed.  Tanqueray or bust.  But, let's say you have a Merrymaker in your life who already has a fully stocked bar.... here are some options.

A statement coat.  It's fun, it's very Blair Waldorf, it needs to be in my closet.
Keeping warm, while remaining in the center of attention, is the goal of most Merrymakers.
Can't you just imagine this coat with an emerald green necklace, tights, and red wedges for a holiday party?  Pass the egg nog, please!

Chances are your merrymaker cares a lot for her skin, stepping up her game in the drying and freezing cold air of winter.  Gotta keep it moisturized and flawless, my chickens!  I love love love this matte moisture tint from Jouer.  I got it in my Birchbox and have been so impressed with it's quality and coverage.  A stocking stuffer that will make this season (and her complexion) very bright!

Every Merrymaker likes to keep up with her social networks, text messages, and online shopping.  It's kind of hard to scour Pinterest, stalk people on Twitter, and share your cocktails on Instagram if your iPhone screen is all cracked to pieces.  Gift the fashionista in your life with an iPhone 5!  Don't forget a super glam case to go along with it!

via, via, and via

Pick your poison: Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars? (or both.) Your MM is more that likely to be a huge fan for the fashion, or for the heart-pouding drama.  Why not surprise her with some fun memorabilia from her favorite shows?  Might I suggest a print similar to the one from the Van der Woodsen-Humphrey loft?  Only true GG fans will appreciate it, so choose wisely.

Chances are that not every Merrymaker out there is a fan of musicals.  I know, I know they are not for everyone.  You may hate the singing and dancing of the past... But NO ONE hates Journey, big hair, and Russell Brand, right?  Give the gift that keeps on giving: ROCK OF AGES on Blu Ray!

Most merrymakers are known for their eclecticism and fun nature.  Why not give them something as eclectic and FUN as they are?  Nothing screams fun quite like a faux, taxidermy deer head.  They can deck their halls with one of a kind (and animal friendly) statement art piece.  Try etsy or ebay for the best choices.  Shop early and shop often :)

If none of this highly coveted and impressive items would thrill your MM, play it safe with Target, TJ Maxx, Starbucks, or Amazon gift cards.  Best of luck braving the shopping crowds, hope you feel prepared and enlightened on what to gift to your favorite Merrymakers this season.
Ho, Ho, Ho!

**Disclaimer: I can only presume from my personal experience as a professional Merrymaker, what other Merrymakers would like or prefer to receive as gifts.  It is not an exact science, but more like super fun to compose this list.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Party on, chickens.

November 29, 2012


I was just thinking last night about the huge Throwback Thursday thing that is all the rage on Instagram (are you on IG? Follow me: @missbekah), and thinking about all the great times here at Matters of Merrymaking that I could throw back to!  Then it hit me... I wonder what I was posting/wearing/drinking on November 29, 2011.

So a quick laugh visit to last year's archives and I found it.  Ironically, I still completely wear this outfit together in its entirety (outfit details below).  Although my sister took her super cute purse back from me.  Oh, and my hair is longer (hooray!)  I think that says a lot about these pieces in my wardrobe! I need to invest in more of them!  It really was a lot of fun to see what I was doing last year around this time! Can you believe it is going to be December this weekend? WHAT! Where did 2012 go?
Feel free to share some throwbacks with me!  Happy Thursday, my chickens.

{leggings, striped top: LB | boots: nine west | olive blazer: old navy | snood, satchel: target | belt: UO}

November 27, 2012

Red and Green-ish

 {sweater & red pants: LB | leopard flats: nine west | tunic: calvin klein, via TJ Maxx}

A bit of an unintentional Christmas-y theme going this morning.  Convenient though, as I think I am finally in the holiday spirit!  I have most of my shopping lists for Christmas presents narrowed down (just super broke right now.)  I also cannot wait to go see Christmas lights at the zoo and bake Christmas cookies with my family (a new, grown up version of a tradition we are starting this year.)  The whole thing makes me want to have a fire in the fireplace and have my hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps! Mmmmm.  On a different note, I love these shoes.  They make every day a bit more merry.  

November 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Well back to the real world for this Merrymaker!  I have had the most glorious five day weekend! I went to Alabama for an amazing 24 hours and had the most enjoyable road trip with my family.  It was amazing to see some of my cousins who all are having little babies and they are just the cutest things in the whole wide world.  I came back home, after an amazing Thanksgiving meal, to visit with friends and celebrate birthdays. I also finished and book and watched a whole bunch of Netflix. Merrymaking galore!  I wish we had Thanksgiving break once a month. I hope everyone took a moment or two to revel in all the things we have to be thankful for!  Now let the Christmas lights and music and shopping begin!

In case you missed it:  Lilac Friday | Bama Bound

November 23, 2012

Lilac Friday

 {dress: ASOS | blazer: old navy | boots: vintage | necklace: crack in the walk}

Hope everyone has the best Thanksgiving ever!  Good luck on your Black Friday (it's Lilac Friday over here, obviously...sounds less ominous) shopping excursions and feel better from that turkey hangovers.  I plan on cracking open a bottle of wine, cheers-ing to the weekend ahead, and never looking at a pumpkin pie again! :)
Have a MERRY weekend!

November 22, 2012


Happy Turkey Day, little chickens.  (What a truly strange sentence.)
I hope you spend some wonderful time with your friends and family and dogs and cats and pies and deviled eggs.  Since my revelation post, I have tried to take a little bit of time out of everyday to think over all of the immensely amazing things that I have to be thankful for.  The list grows every single day that I breathe air in to my lungs and stand on my feet (and especially when I wear something sparkly.)
Take a minute today to look outside and find the beauty in the everyday, then stuff your mouth with turkey and drink a mimosa.  Cheers!
pic source

November 21, 2012

Bama Bound!

 {dress: DOTS | belt & cardigan: LB | booties: ciao bella}

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, to my little chickens!  The grocery stores are a mad-house, people are packing up and hitting the road, and turkeys are all a-feather.
So, it seemed like the perfect time to throw on a dress and frolic to Starbucks.  We are hitting the road later today to spend Thanksgiving in Alabama, so naturally I opted to wear the houndstooth dress!  If you're not aware of the co-relation, click here.  Have safe travels and enjoy your family and friends!
Oh, and report back on all merrymaking :)

November 20, 2012

Tunes Tuesday

Tunes Tuesday isn't really really a thing, but it will be today. 
#1 I completely 100% repeated this outfit yesterday, so there's nothing new on the docket.
#2 I jammed out to this song so hard on the way to work, it brightened my morning so I wanted to share.  Enjoy this song and this Tuesday! (Hopefully it's your Friday, because it's my Friday! WOOHOO)
Paul Simon - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

November 19, 2012

Blue Men

 {top: target, xhilaration | leggings: target | earrings: tj maxx | boots: nine west | bracelet: ? | watch: MK}

Good morning, dear chickens! I have to apologize for the sudden disappearance last week.  I was on my death bed... okay, well really I just had a sinus infection- but it was awful.  A shot, some drugs, and a few days of rest and I am brand spankin' new! The best part? This super short two day week before Thanksgiving break!  WOOHOO!

Anyway, this past weekend was amazing! I went to a Thanksgiving potluck with some of my favorite people in the world. (I made the dressing, yum yum.) Also, one of the kindest people I know surprised me with TENTH row tickets to see the Blue Man Group last night.  Seriously, it was amazing.  I laughed, I danced, I slipped (oops), but all in all MY FAVORITE NIGHT EVER.  If they are coming anywhere near you-- you will not regret going!  Cheers to a short week and giving thanks!


November 13, 2012

Sneaky, Sneaky Weather

 {pants: LB | striped top: target | vest: old navy | boots: nine west | necklace: F21}

The weather was very very sneaky today.  First, it was supposed to be raining so I wore rain boots (I switched after the morning time,) the rain was over as soon as I got to work.  Then, it was so stunningly sunny, I was completely mislead and did not wear my coat to lunch.  Oh, but that wind... it was freezing and very very strong.  This round goes to you, weather, but you better believe I'll be ready next time. 

November 12, 2012

Merry Music Monday

I have had this song in my head for like 3 days straight.  I don't know why... maybe it's his huge white smile or the overly cheesy acting in the video, but I do like the song.
Just wanted to share.  Hope everyone had a great great weekend!
The One That Got Away - Jake Owen
It's catchy, huh?

November 9, 2012

It's Sweater Blanket Time Again!

{huge blanket sweater: old navy | red lace dress & leggings: tj maxx | boots: nine west | necklace: gift | shades: MK}

Sometimes, when you are doing early morning carpool in 37* weather, you wish you had brought your Snuggie to school with you!  I think that's the main reason why I bought this blanket-like sweater last season (previous post on this magic sweater here), but let's be honest... the print is what really caught my eye.  I am glad that tribal prints, for the most part, are sticking around for the fall because I am a huge fan.

I am so happy that it is Friday!  Sometimes short weeks actually take a million times longer.
Do you guys have anything super fun planned for this weekend? I have to work a little, go to a housewarming party for a really great friend(s) of mine, and hopefully finishing season three of the Vampire Diaries.  Don't let my social life overwhelm you guys :)

November 8, 2012


 {top, belt: LB | sweater: target | tights: we love colors | boots: nine west}
 Oh, yeah and as far as this outfit goes, the sweater feels like a blanket, it sheds on everything and I just don't care.  Also, the orange belt is my favorite.  It's Thursday, YAY!
With Thanksgiving coming up just two short weeks (TWO! TWO!) weeks from now, it got me to thinking about how super fast 2012 has gone by.  I think it has a lot with getting older, putting value and time and energy in to the right things, etc, etc.  With saying that, I think that 2012 has been my favorite year so far.  I thought that I would accomplish all of these great and amazing things, and I haven't completed that list, just yet.  But I don't regret a day that has passed or a tear that has been shed, or a margarita shared.  I have made some great friends this year, met some blogging friends, lost some real life friends, and rekindled some much missed friendships.  it was a big year in relationships for me! HA!  I know that early November is not the normal time for a year of reflection, that is more of a New Year's resolution kind of thing, but it just feels right.  People have spent the last few days talking about the devastating wrath left by Hurricane Sandy or maybe they are complaining about the outcome of the election (or complaining about the people complaining about the election...) but all it has done is just show me further how much I have to be thankful for.  Some times the realizations just hit you.  I have so much to be thankful for and they all just smacked me in the face.

November 7, 2012

Day Off Style

 {sweater:  i ♥ ronson, via jc penney | pants: rainbow (!!!!) | top: Calvin Klein | belt: LB | boots: nine west | earrings: target | side braid: my new favorite :) }

Happy Hump Day! I wore this outfit on my off day Monday and it was amazing to take my time getting ready and actually pick out clothes, while sipping coffee.  I have to be AT WORK at 7am on the dot everyday, so I rarely play around in the AM.  Normally, I am lucky if I leave early enough to fly through Starbucks (okay, I make time for this....) but actually cooking breakfast (not a granola bar) and actually seeing sunlight before leaving the house was faaaaaabulous!  Makes me super envious of the full time bloggers who get to look fancy and blog from Starbucks. What a dream!

What is your favorite thing to do with a day off?  
I'll admit I snuck in a nap and some Netflix-ing, too.  Ahhh, the life.