November 13, 2012

Sneaky, Sneaky Weather

 {pants: LB | striped top: target | vest: old navy | boots: nine west | necklace: F21}

The weather was very very sneaky today.  First, it was supposed to be raining so I wore rain boots (I switched after the morning time,) the rain was over as soon as I got to work.  Then, it was so stunningly sunny, I was completely mislead and did not wear my coat to lunch.  Oh, but that wind... it was freezing and very very strong.  This round goes to you, weather, but you better believe I'll be ready next time. 


  1. :) oh maybe it was Memphis.... weather

  2. I hate sneaky weather!! I have red jeans and and I never know how to wear them. You make it look effortless!!

    1. Thanks girl! I can wear them to work so I make then work for me. It's fun to see what they can go with!!! :)

  3. Lovely outfit and beautiful pics.

  4. Love that VEST! So cute.


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