November 6, 2012

Dizzy Dots

 {skirt: tj maxx | chambray top: jcpenney | belt: dots | leopard scarf: target | earrings: simply chic | shoes: payless, old}

....and invisible shoes.  No no, my shoes are not made out of grass.  It just looks that way.
They are actually a really cool alligator looking print with a pointy toe.  But some things just cannot be photographed on a rainy cloudy afternoon in green grass.  This skirt makes me giggle and twirl when I put it on... seriously this cannot be avoided.
Today was my first day going to work since the time change and boy, it is way less depressing than my  previous pitch black commute.  But dark at 5:30 kinda blows.
HAPPY ELECTION DAY 2012! I hope you all have or plan to make it out to the polls today.  I know its a thing in Memphis where bars offer drink specials for those sporting "I VOTED TODAY" stickers!  Good thing I saved mine ;) ;) ;)  But honestly, I take the right to vote very seriously, so make your own decision and make it out today!  XOXO, Bekah.


  1. I kept my sticker too... where are we going?!?

    1. I'll do more research and report back!!!! :o)

  2. Love it!! Can I borrow our outfit? :) The background is amazing too... check out those fall trees and the field of clover... funny that your shoes blend right into that crisp grass!!

    2 thumbs up

    1. Fall weather makes the outfit pop, eh? HA! thanks, Em!

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't that a super fun combo?! Thx, doll.


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