November 7, 2012

Day Off Style

 {sweater:  i ♥ ronson, via jc penney | pants: rainbow (!!!!) | top: Calvin Klein | belt: LB | boots: nine west | earrings: target | side braid: my new favorite :) }

Happy Hump Day! I wore this outfit on my off day Monday and it was amazing to take my time getting ready and actually pick out clothes, while sipping coffee.  I have to be AT WORK at 7am on the dot everyday, so I rarely play around in the AM.  Normally, I am lucky if I leave early enough to fly through Starbucks (okay, I make time for this....) but actually cooking breakfast (not a granola bar) and actually seeing sunlight before leaving the house was faaaaaabulous!  Makes me super envious of the full time bloggers who get to look fancy and blog from Starbucks. What a dream!

What is your favorite thing to do with a day off?  
I'll admit I snuck in a nap and some Netflix-ing, too.  Ahhh, the life.


  1. Love the contrasting color combo... teal and orange with the added neutral texture... Can you come dress me....? :)


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