November 30, 2012

A Merrymaker's Guide to Gift Giving

I know what you were thinking.  You are facing the most difficult decision of the season.  What ever do you get for the Merrymakers in your life? Whether it be your sister, best friend, or blogging buddy--I have some insight!  What would I recommend for the Merrymakers on your Christmas list? Well, my first answer would honestly be gin.  Seriously, I've been trying gin in a variety of different recipes and have yet to be disappointed.  Tanqueray or bust.  But, let's say you have a Merrymaker in your life who already has a fully stocked bar.... here are some options.

A statement coat.  It's fun, it's very Blair Waldorf, it needs to be in my closet.
Keeping warm, while remaining in the center of attention, is the goal of most Merrymakers.
Can't you just imagine this coat with an emerald green necklace, tights, and red wedges for a holiday party?  Pass the egg nog, please!

Chances are your merrymaker cares a lot for her skin, stepping up her game in the drying and freezing cold air of winter.  Gotta keep it moisturized and flawless, my chickens!  I love love love this matte moisture tint from Jouer.  I got it in my Birchbox and have been so impressed with it's quality and coverage.  A stocking stuffer that will make this season (and her complexion) very bright!

Every Merrymaker likes to keep up with her social networks, text messages, and online shopping.  It's kind of hard to scour Pinterest, stalk people on Twitter, and share your cocktails on Instagram if your iPhone screen is all cracked to pieces.  Gift the fashionista in your life with an iPhone 5!  Don't forget a super glam case to go along with it!

via, via, and via

Pick your poison: Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars? (or both.) Your MM is more that likely to be a huge fan for the fashion, or for the heart-pouding drama.  Why not surprise her with some fun memorabilia from her favorite shows?  Might I suggest a print similar to the one from the Van der Woodsen-Humphrey loft?  Only true GG fans will appreciate it, so choose wisely.

Chances are that not every Merrymaker out there is a fan of musicals.  I know, I know they are not for everyone.  You may hate the singing and dancing of the past... But NO ONE hates Journey, big hair, and Russell Brand, right?  Give the gift that keeps on giving: ROCK OF AGES on Blu Ray!

Most merrymakers are known for their eclecticism and fun nature.  Why not give them something as eclectic and FUN as they are?  Nothing screams fun quite like a faux, taxidermy deer head.  They can deck their halls with one of a kind (and animal friendly) statement art piece.  Try etsy or ebay for the best choices.  Shop early and shop often :)

If none of this highly coveted and impressive items would thrill your MM, play it safe with Target, TJ Maxx, Starbucks, or Amazon gift cards.  Best of luck braving the shopping crowds, hope you feel prepared and enlightened on what to gift to your favorite Merrymakers this season.
Ho, Ho, Ho!

**Disclaimer: I can only presume from my personal experience as a professional Merrymaker, what other Merrymakers would like or prefer to receive as gifts.  It is not an exact science, but more like super fun to compose this list.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Party on, chickens.


  1. LOVED rock of ages! i bought it as a gift for myself a couple months ago. :)

    1. It was definitely love at first sight! Hopefully, Santa got my clue!

  2. Replies
    1. I ordered it last week! I cannot wait for it to come!!!

  3. Thanks for the disclaimer.. but I think you hit the nail on the merrymaking head... Also hope to see you in that awesome coat in a future post.... hope it isn't just a merrymaking dream.... Are you gonna serve the gin recipes during holiday entertaining?

    1. We need to get a really good bottle of gin to try some yummy yummy drinks!!


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