December 4, 2012

Weather Anarchy

 {dress: ross | cardi & belt & scarf: target | boots: nine west | sunglasses: michael kors | socks: ???}

The leaves are finally really falling, chickens!  The only super sad thing was that it was 75 degrees today (the crazy hair is proof of the weather being wack!)  I crave my thick knits and wearing my bright tights!  What is this nonsense? Mother Nature is rebellling! So, I've got to be totally honest with you and share that I am completely obsessed with watching Lost, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Dr. Who, SONS OF ANARCHY on Netflix.  I average 3-4 episodes a day.  It's a non-guilty obsession, if you will.  I know I'm not the only one who can take out a complete series in a week or two, right?  What should be next on my list?? Have the loveliest of Tuesdays, dear chickens.


  1. It is still fall... I heard on the radio that winter isn't officially here for 3 more weeks... love love love the falling leaves pictures... Also you've got a bit of an Adam and Eve leaf trend/theme going on... I guess it was technically the first fashion trend (going back to the roots)... ha ha ha.. oh and you should buy me a scarf like that for Christmas. :)

    1. I'm burning up I want cold fall! and I want it now! What scarf? ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Veronica!
      I'm a sucker for anything leopard!

  3. bekah...i am guilty of netflixin, too! i can tackle a season in a few days, lol! i'm always looking for new stuff to watch! recently finished Once, Revenge, Vap Diaries...filling in with ugly betty now.

    love the scarf! i've been wearing my leopard scarf a lot lately.


    1. Ooooh Ugly Betty! Adding that to my list!!!!


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