December 14, 2012

Friday Favorites: Holiday Song Collection

It's so crazy how many holiday songs get stuck in your head when you are power shopping for some important gifts for your loved ones. I am kinda obsessed with Shazam-ing the new tunes and adding them to my holiday playlists. But... Lets not forget the importance of a classic. I want to share a few of my favorite holiday songs today and I want my dear dear merry chickens to share their favorites with me. I have been polling some of my friends lately --I think that someone's favorite Christmas time song says a lot about it. Who knows? Maybe I missed my calling as a music psychologist. 
Anyway- here goes.
Favorite classic/ALL TIME favorite:
Newly discovered favorite song (love her!) 

New release favorite: 


Just for fun: 


I hope you enjoyed listening to some/all of these! I hope they made your day merry. It is Friday after all... So go have the best weekend ever. My fam and I are having a panama cookie baking party (fueled with gin and tonic) and I am very very excited! And feel free to share your favorite Christmas songs with me!!! 


  1. I've always liked Good King Wencelas and We Three Kings. And I always dance along to Shake Up Christmas by train!

  2. Ummmm, I noticed there is nothing from Snowed In on your list...hahaha.

    1. It's definitely a family favorite. Best version of Merry Christmas baby EVER!

  3. there's nothing like good ol holiday mooozick to pump one up for the holidays! I love all the songs in Mindy Gledhill's holiday album :) My fave.
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