November 16, 2011

bows + blazers

{shoes: payless, jeans: ross, bow top:LB, blazer: old navy, necklace:stella wishes}
Sequin bows and stripes make the heart happy!  Also, this t-shirt blazer from Old Navy is totally going with everything I own this fall... it may go down in history as the greatest clearance purchase ever.
I love my new red wedges, that much is true.
I wish they were more comfortable!  It'll be worth the purchase of a shoe insert.
I wore this last night when I hosted a Silpada jewelry party with my sisters... slash I had to change before the party because I didn't think I would make such a mess while preparing food! So I actually changed and wore this top.  Oh well, still love my red shoes.

I have some musical wisdom to share.  If you are searching for the most epic Pandora station- without a doubt it is the Rufus Wainwright station.  We played it throughout the party and I was thrilled with every single song.  And that's a rarity.

Hope you guys are having a glorious hump day.



  1. Those shoes do look really cute....but the woes of uncomfortable shoes in the name of beauty, I hear you on that one!! ;) xxx

  2. oh what a cute outfit! I love the green blazer and the red shoes combined together like that! :)


  3. red wedges! yes! they look so awesome with this adorable outfit!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  4. Oh my gosh, you are too cute! Love this outfit, especially those shoes :) Silpada jewelry is awesome too.

  5. love those shoes! I have the suede right heels from Payless that they had last winter. but they have WEDGES now?! I'm going to have to check that out especially since I saw a seam busted on one of the heels :(

    adorable outfit, btw! I thought the jeans were actually liquid leggings :)

    xo, Jill

  6. Love your top, and the necklace ;)

    xo, Ann Marie

  7. I love the top. Anything with bows, sequins, or lace is awesome in my book.


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