November 3, 2011

gavin degraw + wind blown hair

{black skinnies: gap | feather top: dots | flats: payless | tank: LB | long necklace: gifted; other necklace:stella | watch: MK; bangles, asstd}

Last night, I went to see Gavin DeGraw at Minglewood Hall.  Here's what you need to know: 
As far as these pictures go, I could not stop laughing because the wind was trying to take my shirt and hair with it. I think that is pretty apparent.  Secondly, I have a serious crush on Gavin and I have for quite some time.  I think my little sister and I could sing his album start to finish (the original AND the acosutic version of Stripped)... Picked up this shirt at Dots for $9 before the concert. The print really reminds me of something Dani would L-O-V-E. I hope this cut/style of shirt doesn't become a faux pas overnight because I am investing in them like they are Google stock.

Have a great Thursday- we are ALMOST there once again.


  1. I love that feather top Bekah!!! It looks awesome on you chicadee. So glad you had fun at the concert. LOVE that picture you guys took! Awesome girl. Have a great day!

  2. love that top! super cute :) cool that you had fun at the concert :) great photos!


  3. Aw yay you got to meet him! Cute picture!

  4. I just saw him here in Austin, and I love him too!! This is the sixth time I've seen him play, and he gets better every time. Great concert outfit :)

  5. Oh, girl, I'll sing along with you! And I can even make my voice sound like him a little. We can be his backup singers!

  6. OMG! So funny. He opened at a Maroon 5 concert that I went to, oh jeepers, 10 or 11 years ago, and my bestie I met him while we were waiting in line to enter the venue. We had absolutely no idea who he was. It was before he was even remotely well-known. lmao

  7. I love Gavin Degraw too! Nice pic you got with him :)


  8. WHUT WHUT?!?! You are one lucky gal! and I love the necklace!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  9. LOVE that top! Great pic of you and Gavin, great that you got to meet him!!

  10. Whoa! Awesome night alert!
    If I honestly had never seen Gavin (because that happens with musicians often) I would just say that you and that guy in the last picture are a pretty cute couple. But since I know he's famous and all and it's not an actual boyfriend.. heck, you still both look cute together!

    I'm in agreement with you about those shirts! I've bought one so far, plain white, and it's just such a fun and effortless way to look chic. Must. buy. more!


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