November 30, 2011

wet snow + fashion hunters

As I pile on the layers to deal with this bipolar Memphis weather, I am shocked to find that it is STILL snowing this (Tuesday) morning when I was leaving for school.  Naturally, I got crap pictures due the extreme wind, snow/sleet, and clouds and the porch! I needed to take cover, y'all... and you'll notice that none of the snow stuck and we just have a muddy mess all over.
 Oh well, I was not feeling the freeze due to the flannel, baby!
Seriously, I snagged this vintage St. John's Bay men's button up from the way backity back of my dad's closet.  SCORE!  Being tall,  I rarely find a button up long enough for leggings.... until today!
And the pictures don't do it justice- I loved the colors together.

{leggings: target | button up: vintage | blazer: old navy | scarf: gifted | boots: nine west}
Obsessed with my new Silpada rings- (bad quality pic)
Santa is giving me one too, gosh that man sure makes you wait for the fun stuff.

On a totally different subject, I am OBSESSED with the show Fashion Hunters of Bravo!
Do any of you watch? It is amazing.  I am obsessed with the hunt, the bargain, and the drama.
ALL. OF. IT.  Those green Louboutin's from last night's episode... DREAM!

See ya here tomorrow, same time-same place, hopefully a little brighter.


  1. I just recently stumbled upon your blog and I am in love with your style.

    Great thinking on using one of your dad's button downs. I'm tall too and I may just have to go this route!

  2. Shopping your dad's closet.. love it! I have heard of that show.. I wonder if I can get it on Hulu? :) ♥Rachel (for the birds)

  3. Yessss love Fashion Hunters! I watched it for the first time last week and was hooked and set my DVR to record the series 5 minutes into the show.

  4. I watch Fashion Hunters, but it's not my fave fashion show. The staff is just not that likeable :( It is interesting tho..especially because everyone remembers how much they pay for things..

  5. I LOVE Fashion Hunters, it's my new guilty pleasure!!
    LOVE those boots, super cute outfit!

  6. that blazer is adorable! i love the cut and color!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  7. I love your top! This is a very cute laid back look.


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