November 30, 2011

wet snow + fashion hunters

As I pile on the layers to deal with this bipolar Memphis weather, I am shocked to find that it is STILL snowing this (Tuesday) morning when I was leaving for school.  Naturally, I got crap pictures due the extreme wind, snow/sleet, and clouds and the porch! I needed to take cover, y'all... and you'll notice that none of the snow stuck and we just have a muddy mess all over.
 Oh well, I was not feeling the freeze due to the flannel, baby!
Seriously, I snagged this vintage St. John's Bay men's button up from the way backity back of my dad's closet.  SCORE!  Being tall,  I rarely find a button up long enough for leggings.... until today!
And the pictures don't do it justice- I loved the colors together.

{leggings: target | button up: vintage | blazer: old navy | scarf: gifted | boots: nine west}
Obsessed with my new Silpada rings- (bad quality pic)
Santa is giving me one too, gosh that man sure makes you wait for the fun stuff.

On a totally different subject, I am OBSESSED with the show Fashion Hunters of Bravo!
Do any of you watch? It is amazing.  I am obsessed with the hunt, the bargain, and the drama.
ALL. OF. IT.  Those green Louboutin's from last night's episode... DREAM!

See ya here tomorrow, same time-same place, hopefully a little brighter.

November 29, 2011

town squares + stripes

{leggings, striped top: LB | boots: nine west | olive blazer: old navy | snood, satchel: target | belt: UO}

I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend, a good break, and lots of turkey.
I know I really enjoyed my time with my extended family. I REALLY enjoyed laughing my face off with my sistahs in the car on the way to/fro Alabama.  Sometimes it's the journey- not the destination.

We took these pictures in the town square of Corinth, MS on the way to Thanksgiving.  We stopped at the most adorable old soda fountain restaurant there, and had amazing burgers + vanilla malts.
It was small town wonderful and I loved it.


November 25, 2011

DIY: Glitter and Stud Wedges

If you are way too poor (like me) to be racking up on some great Black Friday deals AND you have a great appreciation for the sparklier things in life (like me) then you will LOVE transforming a pair of boring shoes into a pair of show-stopping ones!
Okay, okay... You have all seen these boots, AND even these
Although, my original inspiration was KARA!
I just could not make a decision on which DIY shoe project to complete, so I bit the bullet and combined my crafts.  Here's how I achieved my glittery studded wedges- 
PERFECT for the approaching holiday season.
shoes, brush, mod podge (I bought the sparkle finish, for added pizazz), martha stewart fine glitter (in smoky quartz), thumb tacks, spray paint
1. Spray Paint Your Heart Out!
First, I spray painted the shoes, so that no red would show through.  Depending on your shoe color, this may not be necessary.  I already owned the spray paint and just went crazy.
2. Podge, Sprinkle, Repeat.
After the shoes were dry, about 30 minutes later, I added the mod podge with a paint brush and sprinkled the glitter on.  Some tutorials instruct you to mix in the glitter with the MP, but that did not achieve the right amount of sparkle for me.  I just sprinkled over a tray and reused the excess.
3. Get Tacky!
I started at the highest point that I wanted studs, and went in a straight line from there- getting less strategic as I went down towards the soles.
This step is all up to you, y'all.  Rock these shoes with your favorite outfit, I know there are a couple of holiday parties that these will accompany me to!  This project took me like two hours total, and cost >$10!  Hope you guys liked reading about my DIY Wedges!


November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving + a grateful heart

I am thankful for:
my family's unwavering love and acceptance
my dear friends, whom i cherish more now than ever
the hairy puppy who loves me unconditionally
the job that i was born to do
my relationships with new blogger friends
a good movie, a great book, powerful music
enough food to eat, a place to sleep
my optimism, which often surprises me the most
i am thankful for laughter 
and for every Thanksgiving episode of FRIENDS ever made.

gobble gobble!
I hope you all are enjoying the day exactly the way you want to, with the people that mean the most!

November 23, 2011

Wear*It Wednesday: Tunics

I am so thrilled to be hosting Wear*It Wednesday this week!
I have enjoyed participating in the past, but hosting is just as delightful.
Here is my preppy fun tunic choice and how I styled it:

{tunic: old navy | sweater, leggings: target | shoes: payless | necklace: crack in the walk}

Thanks to all of the girls below for sending me their tunic pictures!

First up is my new blog friend, Kate from Suburban Sweetheart! She doesn't do outfit posts too often, but if this picture is any indication SHE SHOULD KEEP 'EM COMING! She has great style and I am totally digging the mustard yellow tunic.

Gracey from Fashion For Giants is a girl after my own heart.  We are both six feet tall and share many of the same difficulties of finding clothes for tall women! I know this is why I love tunics and I know Gracey agrees with me.

I always look forward to Laura's (from The Blog of Worldly Delights) outfit posts because she has such a creative style and it never is boring over there.  I love her pink tunic, and the blazer takes it up a notch and makes it a professional look! (and a flower pin never hurt anyone!!!)

Melody at Melody-Mae sent two tunic looks! And I was amazed to see that we were almost twins!!!
Of course her tunic is from F21, and mine is Old Navy, but hey... we still match!
Her mustard tunic and animal print look are perfection!!!

Jess from Animated Cardigan shows in this post, that tunics can stretch the boundaries of seasons- the same tunic can be paired with capris, leggings, or jeans! Gotta love a look like that!

Mandy, from Juggling Chic, not only has an accessory collection that I want to steal- she also has the most perfect colored tunic IN THE WORLD.

My BBFF Dani (The Daily Dani) rocks tunics like no other.  We couldn't pick a favorite sooooo: I picked two.  Get it, girl.

Shopfreak, prides herself on finding the cutest clothes for the best deals around.  I can appreciate that!
Her striped tunic is amazing! And she got it for $3... I need her to take me shopping!

My name twin, Rebekah, of From the Mixed Up Files, is a WIW veteran and doesn't miss a beat with her tunic! GORGEOUS! Look for her post later today!
Here's the sneaky peek:

Last, but certainly not least: Rachel (Distinct.Innovation.Style) the genius behind Wear It Wednesday in all of her red-headed glory thrifted this genius tunic for $2.99 at the Goodwill and we share a tunic obsession.  YAY!

Hosting this week was so much fun, thanks for everyone who shared tunic looks with me!
See y'all soon!

November 22, 2011

winter sweaters + summer weather

{jeans: LB | button-up: vintage | sweater: old navy | boots: payless | necklace: crack in the walk}

Hi y'all.  Happy Friday Tuesday!
I am pretty excited about today because it is my last work day of the week! Happy Thanksgiving break to this teacher lady! I thought I loved breaks from school when I was in school, but now that I am teaching I look forward to them even more.  Crazy concept, eh? HA!
Our weather has been crazy wackadoo here lately.  Humid, 70 degrees plus, and not at all like the fall I want!  I ended up shedding the sweater mid-day!  I'm not saying I'm craving snow fall, but some consistent brisk afternoons would be nice.

Reminder: I'd love for you all to send me your tunic pictures for tomorrow's Wear*It Wednesday!

And just in case today is not your Friday: here's a friendly reminder from this merrymaker:


November 21, 2011

Take Four: Saturated Hues

For the third installment of Take Four, (previous posts here and here) the girls and I picked a great number of "themes" to do posts on... So when Saturated Hues came up on the agenda I was like cool...
Wait, what? I was sure I understood it, until I really thought about it.
For those of you over-thinking the concept, like I was previously, it might thrill you to know that:
 In this case, saturated hues refers to an ensemble of color, with basically the same depth of color perceivable by the eye.  Or at least that's what I got out of googling it.
I mean, come on, I wasn't a science major or anything--let's just leave the getting dressed part up to me!
(I guess my Art I-III education in high school was not as solid as it should have been; color wheel?)

So with all that being said, this is my outfit:
I love me some jewel tones. Aaaaand jewel prints.
{purple dress: ross | jewel tunic: LB | vest: rainbow | belt, shoes: dots | trouser socks: ?? | necklace: borrowed}

See my other Take Four girls, here:

Karla from Frugal Big Girl

Gracey from Fashion for Giants

Kelsey from Charming Pumpkin


November 20, 2011

Reminder: Wear It Wednesday Tunics

Hi chickens, Happy Sunday!
Just wanted to shoot you a quick reminder that I am hosting Wear It Wednesday this week!
That means if you want to join up and party with us, email me your outfit pics of your favorite tunics!
I love the versatility and comfort of the tunic length, so I chose them! (the two pictures are two of my favorite past outfits with tunics!)
It's my favorite part of the week!


November 18, 2011

brights, prints, + wishes


Okay, now that's out of the way! Okay, I am pretty excited about this weekend! I don't really have anything fun planned, but next week is only a 2 day school week followed by Thanksgiving Break!
This week was exhausting and I am more than looking forward to a restful time with friends and family.
Then we are just closer to Christmas.
Speaking of Christmas, I found something I really really want!
This beautiful baby:

So you know, if you wanna make this merrymaker a happy little chicken....