July 27, 2011

current obsession: {hair products}

So it's been a hot minute since I reviewed some products! I have been buying cosmetics and drugstore products like they are going out of style, but today I am going to strictly stick to my new favorite hair products.

I have naturally curly hair that you will 99.9% never see in it's full curly glory, unless we are swimming or camping, and let's be honest-- I don't do camping.
So that being said, I use many a heat tool and the stress and damage can leave your hair feeling frizzy, broken, and dry as straw.  I was doing my weekly stroll down the aisles of Walgreens, my own little method of therapy, when I spotted this new product by my dear, old friend John Frieda.  What a gem, that guy.
1. John Frieda 
shampoo and conditioner
Revives overworked hair without sacrificing full body.  I really like the smell of this shampoo/conditioner, but then again I don't normally splurge on salon brands known for their smells! I felt like the quality of both products was well worth the $6.99 sticker, BOGO too!


Just with the shampoo and conditioner, I noticed my hair truly felt softer. 
But I think the golden ticket really came with this little bottle:
2. John Frieda
sheer mist


The sheer mist is just added to the ends of your hair, and is advertised to make the brittle and damaged ends of overworked hair softer and more manageable. It makes blow drying a BREEZE, and I can't stress how much softer it made the ends of my hair.  I literally made everyone feel it.  Everyone!
**If you prefer creams to sprays, this comes in a cream as well!

Final Say: I think this is the perfect new product for thick, unruly hair or hair that gets hair dryer/flat iron everyday.  Maybe not for the thin and fine haired gals out there.  Have you tried it? Been interested in it? Let me know.  Comment it out, merrymakers.


July 21, 2011

paper doll project 3.0

Hello chickens, chiclets, and chickadees!
It's a HOT one out there, hope everyone is keeping it cool and classy.
It's Paper Doll Project time again!  It is the third time we have done it, and every time I am always flabberghasted at how amazing it is to have someone else style your outfit from head to toe.  These fabulous ladies I have been hooked up with have been marvelous! Last time, I was partners with Kelsey and it was amazing! LOOK at how she styled my crop top.

 This time I was paired with Melissa of Be Your Own Adventure.
And while I started out being a slack-tastic parter, M forgave me and we worked on styling one another.
I swear something about this heat and humidity has me at a 0.00% inspiration level.

So I just dove in & picked this dress for Melissa to style and I love the versatility she saw in it.
Melissa, wanna help me get dressed everyday? K thanks :)

{dress: rainbow | shoes: LB | necklace: antique shop | skinny jeans: LB | ring: french market in NOLA}

She did the best job ever, right?
Go to her blog and check out how I styled her outfit for today!

Thanks for coming by :)

Oh, and all of these gorgeous ladies have been partnered up to do the same thing!
You should check them out and show some love.

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July 12, 2011

EBEW: and they were all yellow

{dress: ross | cardi: old navy | belt: UO | rope flops: payless}

I am not 100% crazy about this outfit.  I do, however, certain that it was 100% humid today.  Make that 110& humidity.  It was a waste to do my hair (so I didn't), or wear much makeup (so I didn't), and if I had not worn yellow for Everybody, Everywhere: I probably would not have worn clothes at all.

Check out other lovely ladies and their yellow accents, possibly less frizzy, 
by visiting the Everybody, Everywhere website.

Cheers, my dears!


July 9, 2011

roar. meow. quack, quack.

Those are my animal sounds.  I mean really, could this dress have any more stuff going on?
This is what a merrymaker wears to meet a friend that's in town for sushi, frozen custard, and a movie date! (Love ya, JC)

I got a compliment on this dress from nearly everyone I saw the day I wore it.
Except for my brother, who was more baffled by me wearing a scarf in July than anything else.
This resulted in being teased about "summer scarves" for the remainder of the day...
On another note, go see Horrible Bosses.  I couldn't stop laughing cackling nonstop, mostly because of the hilariousness that is Charlie Day.  Definitely worth the $10, slash I only paid $7.50 for a matinee! BAM!

{dress: don't remember | belt: UO | rope flops: payless | scarf: gordman's | sunglasses: michael kors}

Below you will find the obligatory boob shot (???) and below that my routine awkward stance.

Happy weekend, my little chickens.
Two posts in one week?
I think I see a glimmer of hope in my future.

July 6, 2011

stripes and serious faces

hi hi hi there.
how are you?
i'm hoping well, my little chickens.
i am doing super fine fantastic.
today, i felt like getting fancy.
...then i felt like being funky and the two collided and out popped this ensemble.

{black dress: IDK | crop top: rainbow | belt: UO | shoes: payless | necklaces: acquired | bangles: dots}
red and blue and browns and blacks = funky/fancy

The lack of frontal shots are do to the fact that I was not smiling in ANY of them.
And my serious face scares small children.
I am just proud I photographed at all due to the 110% humidity. 
I am about to get out of the house and head to the local hot wing joint to eat drink beer, be revelrous, and play some trivia.  Wish me luck.
Our team name is Three girls, a guy, and a hot wing place.
XOXO and lots of love to my friends, family, readers, and blogger besties.