July 27, 2011

current obsession: {hair products}

So it's been a hot minute since I reviewed some products! I have been buying cosmetics and drugstore products like they are going out of style, but today I am going to strictly stick to my new favorite hair products.

I have naturally curly hair that you will 99.9% never see in it's full curly glory, unless we are swimming or camping, and let's be honest-- I don't do camping.
So that being said, I use many a heat tool and the stress and damage can leave your hair feeling frizzy, broken, and dry as straw.  I was doing my weekly stroll down the aisles of Walgreens, my own little method of therapy, when I spotted this new product by my dear, old friend John Frieda.  What a gem, that guy.
1. John Frieda 
shampoo and conditioner
Revives overworked hair without sacrificing full body.  I really like the smell of this shampoo/conditioner, but then again I don't normally splurge on salon brands known for their smells! I felt like the quality of both products was well worth the $6.99 sticker, BOGO too!


Just with the shampoo and conditioner, I noticed my hair truly felt softer. 
But I think the golden ticket really came with this little bottle:
2. John Frieda
sheer mist


The sheer mist is just added to the ends of your hair, and is advertised to make the brittle and damaged ends of overworked hair softer and more manageable. It makes blow drying a BREEZE, and I can't stress how much softer it made the ends of my hair.  I literally made everyone feel it.  Everyone!
**If you prefer creams to sprays, this comes in a cream as well!

Final Say: I think this is the perfect new product for thick, unruly hair or hair that gets hair dryer/flat iron everyday.  Maybe not for the thin and fine haired gals out there.  Have you tried it? Been interested in it? Let me know.  Comment it out, merrymakers.



  1. will have to check out that spray...my ends get a beating from straight and curling irons! and, dude, LOVE, LOVE those glasses! a few weekends ago we were trying a bunch on...i so want to go back and get some!


  2. I love your face. I mean that less specifically for this particular face, but more so I love your face, in general.

  3. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Adele?Well it shows! Especially in THIS picture! :}GORGEOUS.Oh how I adore John Frieda! :DLove, Sarah

  4. yeah I didnt have john frieda in my life I would have shaved my head. I wish I could hug the man for making his products

  5. HAHA! I have gotten that a time or two... SUCH a compliment thanks a million dollface!

  6. I know, he's my drugstore shampoo go-to man! Hallelujah JF!


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