July 6, 2011

stripes and serious faces

hi hi hi there.
how are you?
i'm hoping well, my little chickens.
i am doing super fine fantastic.
today, i felt like getting fancy.
...then i felt like being funky and the two collided and out popped this ensemble.

{black dress: IDK | crop top: rainbow | belt: UO | shoes: payless | necklaces: acquired | bangles: dots}
red and blue and browns and blacks = funky/fancy

The lack of frontal shots are do to the fact that I was not smiling in ANY of them.
And my serious face scares small children.
I am just proud I photographed at all due to the 110% humidity. 
I am about to get out of the house and head to the local hot wing joint to eat drink beer, be revelrous, and play some trivia.  Wish me luck.
Our team name is Three girls, a guy, and a hot wing place.
XOXO and lots of love to my friends, family, readers, and blogger besties.



  1. I like everythingggg. Especially yo' face. <3

  2. love the first pic! sound like good times at the hot wing joint!

  3. Stop it! Okay, okay, keep it coming!! xoxo

  4. Thanks! It's my new favorite! Sometimes I accidentally take good pics... YAY!

  5. Thanks! They are oldies, but certainly goodies :)

  6. Your hair is so cute! I love this. I'm really into stripes right now :)

  7. Stripes rock! Nautical stripes rock harder.  I love them ALL! Thaaanks! :)

  8. Bekah, you are cute! I love the combnination of black, red, and white!!! soooo classy!

  9. OOoh! Thanks!! I love being classy.. especially on accident! Thanks, Laura!

  10. great cute summer look :)  i need more stripes in my life

  11. Cute shoes! You look adorable, as always. 


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