September 16, 2011

happy weekend :)

{top: Michael Kors | jeans: Old Navy | leopard pointy flats: Payless (old) | necklace: gift}

I promise I did my Friday dance again today, I just forgot to document it.
Use your imagination.
It's the second Friday in a row that we got a JEANS day at work! These days are exciting! Especially because I got to wear my new skinny jeans. :)
I am so excited at how this week FLEW by and now it's the weekend again! 
Time for a party with friends, a festival in Midtown, & a somewhat fun sunday.
Are we doing anything fun, my little chickens? Hope so.  Be good! 

PS I have been giving the radio dial a few turns lately, and this song came on and I like it a lot.
I'm not a die-hard country fan, but I catch an occasional tune that I love.  Especially ones by cute boys.



  1. nothing like a bright yellow shirt to end the week! love the style...i'm wearing a similar black one today :) have a FABulous weekend, bekah!

    [oomph.]Blogaversary Giveaway

  2. You better believe I was doing the Friday dance too! I love the color of this top, so cute on you! -Rachel ( 

  3. I've just been obsessed with finding loose tops like this one! I love the cheery yellow of this one, looks darling on you!

      Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  4. THANKS! I try to wear my brightest colors on the dreary days, it does wonders for the moods of others.

  5. I love this top on you the color is fantastic!

  6. Love the bright yellow on you!


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