September 6, 2011

back to work, y'all!

{t-shirt blazer: old navy | shoes: payless | pants: gap | tee: target | necklace: gift | watch: MK}
Apologies You're welcome for the blatant boob shot there, but the close up of the necklace couldn't happen without it, kids.

Hi, y'all! 
I hope everyone had a relaxing, loooong weekend.
here's a teeny tiny summary of my weekend:
Zoo Brew was a complete success if you know what I mean

New Essie polish... OBSESSED
Casino Outfit!!! Leopard, obvi.

  Anywho, I am excited by this weather, it was 57 degrees when I took this pics and considering the awful heat we have had this summer.... I'll take it.
This blazer was one of the end-of-winter clearance finds and this is the first time I am able to wear it: YAY! I picked up these pants this weekend at a gap outlet, 30% off. YAY YAY!
Hey, if you have to go back to work after a three day weekend at least you can do it with some brand new threads, baby! Have a good Monday... oops, I mean Tuesday!



  1. love your rock candy necklace :)

  2. thanks! I love it! the colors go with any outfit!

  3. LOVE your necklace. It's gorgeous. And that t-shirt? I live in it. The exact same one- and I bought four other colors to boot.

  4. i am LOVING this! i had that tee in white but i ruined it in the wash like a chump. i love the mix of leopard flats and the big colored beads.

    also it was like 60 degrees here today and i am LOVING it. i might have to start wearing tights soon!

  5. I have FOUR too! Our list keeps growing... I wish they made these shirts in to dresses, that cinched at the waist, obvi!

  6. HA! I wash like that too, it is why I don't buy white things hahaha! I am so glad to read your name again! I am verrrrrry pumped for fall and this weather better stay so that I can wear those tights :) :)

  7. Love that necklace, Bekah! It's so unique!

  8. I am really jealous of your weekend. I love beer tasting events and zoo brew sounds very unique! Two of the things I enjoy the most, beer and the zoo. Then the casino! What fun! Love the necklace too. 

  9. I am loving those flats!! 


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