September 25, 2011

Sunday Crafternoons

Something about cooler weather and approaching holidays make me yearn for creating and crafting.
I was in search for a new desk, a small one, just for my laptop and crafts.
Nothing crazy.
Enter: One $15.00 desk from the thrift store:

HELLO, possibilities!

Next step was choosing paint and talking my sister in to helping me pick a color. Easy peasy.
I have not bought new drawer pulls yet! Waiting to use my coupon at Michael's Arts and Crafts :)
We chose Valspar Brillant Gold spray paint! Aaaaand I love it. It's so shiny against my gray walls.

The pennant banner was another craft done the same day using paint samples.  You know- the ones you grab to see what color you would like on your walls.  I put it in an old frame that used to hold a mirror, but this was waaaay more fun to look at! Then, I used the left over paint samples to make this colorful art piece.
"Be Merry"
Now, I have the best creative space to work in!
All for under $30!

Have you guys been up to any great projects lately?
Share them with me!
Have a great Sunday, my little chickens.


  1. This is so awesome I love everything, what a inviting space to work in!

  2. Omg gold desk! I want! (I don't have a workspace at all! No wonder I'm so out of sorts! Haha)

  3. THANKS! Dolls, you know I needed a little space to make some merry :)

  4. This is all so fabulous! I especially like the irregular choice of framing the pennants rather than a painting. That definitely gets my wheels turning thinking of other cool things to frame. Great job! :)

  5. Wow $15?!?! Thats amazing!! The end product looks fantastic as well! I love the color of the desk especially.

  6. I'm impressed, Bekah. You should redo all my furniture! :)
    ♥ laura

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