September 15, 2011

what good days are made of

The best days start with Starbucks and end with dinner and sister sleepovers.
That's a proven fact.

This dress is without a doubt on of my favorite fashion investments.  I love the cut, how it cuts at the waist, and the fact that I can layer with anything.  Good purchase, Bekah!
{dress: Michael Kors | scarf: rainbow | cardigan: LB | shoes: Payless }

And somewhere between the coffee and a now deflated bank account there was some of this:

Not bad for a Thursday.


  1. super cute outfit!! Love the black dress and gray sweater! OH! and according to People Style Watch - ballet flats are "must haves" for fall :)

  2. I am loving those boots!!!

  3. My best days start with sleep and end with a vodka-diet coke. ;) Tehehe.

  4. Hey, I was trying to be positive... I mean my best days shouldn't include working for 8+ hours :(
    But for a Thursday it wasn't that bad. :)

  5. THANKS! They were on sale because they were from last year.  I almost cried it was so amazing.

  6. THANKS! I think it was a dollar!  Definitely a good clearance sale find :)

  7. I love ballet flats, the best fashion invention for the feet :)

  8. Lovely dress! I love the zipper detail!

  9. Thanks! I love the zipper too! And the pockets are so great!


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