September 27, 2011

white washed (wo)menswear

How are you doing this early morning?
I am a little washed out, out of focus, & overexposed.
But hey, it's only Tuesday...
I love reaching for black skinny pants and a WBD, kinda like the casual tuxedo.
Throw in a striped cardigan, that I am pretty sure two relatives of mine wanted to steal off my back... and you've got a parfait of practical, femme menswear.
But enough about me...
{pants: gap | button down: vintage | sweater: thrifted | leopard flats: payless}

I'm feeling pretty girlie lately... last night I watched Dancing with the Stars (who are you rooting for? I can't make up my mind between Carson and David), 2 Broke Girls (the blonde makes me laugh so stinkin' hard), and Tia & Tamera (long time fan, can't deny it) all whilst playing with my huge pile of free goodies, sample & full size, from Ulta!
If you don't have an Ulta near you... it's like a drugstore and Sephora had a beautiful love childI just went in for eyeshadow and polish remover- I came out with a cosmetic bag full of girlie goodness.
Pile on the left, I bought... the right: free swag.

It's okay to have a completely girlie squeal over that stuff, right?
Now, maybe we can do something about this hair....


  1. ok 1. i want your shoes. must buy

    2: i am with you girl... Ulta=heaven on Earth
    Tuesday= BLAH! i am ALREADY ready for the weekend :)

  2. So cute I totally dig the masculine feminine look.
    Question: how are the gap skinny jeans? Currently looking for a pair that doesn't suffocate my calves while fitting my's a mean world out there....

  3. I go to Ulta all the time and never score that much free stuff! Actually I never score free stuff! What's the secret?

  4. aww i love the outfit! its really cute love the stripes with the shirt underneath. You look great. I looked through your blog and its really cool I'm deffinitely following

    Anita Riot

  5. Chelsea- Ulta is like free therapy FOR sure!
    Tati- I sent you a reply on the pants on your blog, love love you.
    Chris- NO secret, I just think they had good specials and wanted to share!
    Anita- Thanks for following, LOVE the pink hair, doll.

  6. Confession.. I think I want to steal the cardi off your back too.. lol

  7. Oh hi I got myself a new e.o.s. at Ulta yesterday, too. Get outta my brain! ;)

    Do you feel like a teacher in your outfit today? You look like a super snazzy one!

    P.S. I forgot to mention how much I laughed at the vlog yesterday when you said "Catch a bubble." I am a major proponent of "HANDS UP CHEEKS OUT!" Hahaha.

  8. I Love ULTA! I don't have one close but boy do I love it when I do. I watched Dancin with the stars last night, I love derek so I always vote for him regardless of his partner ;)

  9. Rachel- It was a gift from the thrifting gods for SURE!
    Dani- I really did feel teacher-y minus the whole wearing white around little kids just isn't advisable, they are silly.
    Sav- Voting for Derek is a good thing this season, he's with Ricki Lake and she's adorable!

  10. Hey Bekah!!! You're looking fab in pink & black girl. I'm also loving your ballet flats. Awesome animal print. I love ballet flats! I just found your blog, love it and I'm following. Besides your REAL and fab posts I'm also loving that you call your followers chickens. On my blog they're called CHICadees. HAHAHAHA I know I'll enjoy reading more! :D Can't wait for Wednesday girl! HAHAHA
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  11. love this look. love you. love this blog. I also think I am going to love Ulta... I need to get my butt over there!

  12. I love this pink cardigan! It's so preppy cute :)

    I have been wanting to go to ULTA forever, but only recently did we actually get one where I live! I haven't gone yet. Actually, I'm not sure it's even open yet, but I know I'll go crazy when I go there!
    ♥ laura

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