September 13, 2011

the shirt of endless possibilities

{jacket: TJ Maxx | tank: target | pants: GAP | shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless | belt: Torrid}

I mentioned a few posts ago about my TJ Maxx shopping spree.
I guess it's about time I show off a little bit of that gloriousness.
I was so excited to get this sheer, draping, leopard print jacket!
It's the piece re-mixing dreams are made of.  I envision lots of knotted & layering looks in it's future.
I went with a white tank under it, to keep it on the casual side, but I totally look forward to playing :)

On another note. tonight is the season finale of Big Brother 13.  I haven't talked about the show too much on the blog because this season has blown the big one.  The most interesting person left in the second week & the game continued to be steered towards certain people's favor.  Blah blah blah, it's over.  I'll need a new summer show to watch next year, because BB did me wrong this year.
Adios Big Bro.



  1. That top is awesome, I found something similar at TJ the other day, but it's not leopard print so I'm jealous for sure!

  2. um...YES! endless possibilities with this gorgeous leopard top!!!

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  3. Shut the front dooooor. This jacket is to die for. Give it to me. Seriously, you have my address, send it right over!

    Also, looks like I can now officially lure you into the Bachelor franchise... January 2, baby!

  4. well we can totally share this jacket, but it would totally be a dress on you! :) HAHA!
    I forgot to mention that it was on clearance for TEN dollars.  LOve it!

    And let's be Bachelor buddies in Jan!

  5. I can't wait.  I think we can all agree sheer animal print is an investment opportunity!

  6. TJ is where it is at! I go every pay day!! Eek! :)

  7. Oh, I LOVES it!!! That jacket is great! You look amazing with it belted like that, and I can see so many other ways you would be rocking it Bekah-style!


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