September 8, 2011

fall & football

{skirt: altered from dress | belt: UO | shoes & button-up: target | cardi: ralph lauren | necklace: gift}

I'll admit it.  I am proud of this outfit.  These pictures don't do it justice. (See Help Section below)
ANYWHO... you know you did a good job of clothing yourself when 3 year olds notice.
Bravo, Miss Bekah.
I am loving fall and really hoping it sticks around so I can play with my clothes and have this much fun everyday.  Anyone have some fall trends they are really looking forward to? I'm not done with my research but I know I want some brown riding boots (these, perhaps) and a fisherman sweater in a neutral color. What about you?

TOMORROW is FRIDAY! But more importantly, tonight is the first SAINTS game of the NFL season! YAY! 


I literally take my pictures in 5-7 minutes as I am running to work.  So granted, they won't be perfect. BUT I am getting increasingly frustrated in the poor quality.  WHY are they so BRIGHT all of a sudden? I'm no camera genius, but this is not a normal issue for me. Any and all tips for me to reduce the brightness or do something to get better pictures in the 6:55 AM sunlight please share! I use a Canon Powershot SX130 IS with no flash, and the sun light is barely coming over the trees, y'all. 
Mystified in Memphis


  1. GREAT outfit, I love the orange with the blue and the checkered shirt is adorable!


  2. Thanks, Miranda! It felt like a risk, but it was totally worth it! I loved the way it turned out!

  3. You look pretty I love your outfit! I'm a huge saints fan, writing this during a commercial break actually :) GO SAINTS! 
    Who dat said dey gonna beat dem saints ? :)

  4. I'm not really a football fan but since I have continuously lived in east Tennessee for 11 years it is about time I buy a UT t-shirt. UT is HUGE around here. Your cardigan is actually UT orange which made me think I needed a shirt. Love the outfit! Very cute. 

  5. Looove this outfitttt. The colors are fabulous together, and I'm loving your gingham!

    Maybe check the "contrast" on your camera? Do you edit your photos after, on your computer? Try adjusting the brightness? (Promise, I'm NO expert but it's a possibility?)

  6. Very cute outfit! I love the plaid and the skirt is lovely. Found you through Yellowsongbird. :) Go Saints!

  7. Thanks, my bestie.  I'm gonna maybe crack open the manual this weekend. Maaaaybe.  I edit my photos after, but just barely.  I'll check and see if I can fix any brightness or contrast options on the ACTUAL camera.  Thanks, dollface.

  8. OH, I know ALLLLL about those crazy Vols fans.  Many of my friends went there, but as a Memphis Tiger, I don't care for Volunteer orange AT ALL! :)

  9. OMG! I love that we have that in common!

  10. Those colors are really great together- love the shirt. And a big yes to those boots- I've been wanting some like that for years. I don't know what the camera problem is, but it shouldn't be so overexposed for 6 in the morning. In the P program part, maybe you can make sure under white balance that it's on auto. And there's usually a button with a plus/minus for brightness somewhere on the back- check that the brightness is set at zero so its not over or underexposed. Hope that helps, but def check the manual. Good luck!

  11. Haha! Kids are definitely a great gauge of outfit awesomeness! I love the orange and blue combo! Super cute!

  12. Thanks SO much! I adjusted the brightness with the +/- button and I think today's turned out much beter! YAY!!


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