September 1, 2011

the best of intentions

{shirt: DKNY | skirt: homemade | necklace: gift | belt: DOTS | shoes: payless}

I really wanted to achieve a soft feminine look, with a touch of edge.  I loved the idea of pairing the black lacy shirt with the light peach skirt! But, once photographed, I hated it! Not a huge fan of this outfit! Maybe I just waited too late in the day and the overwhelming haze of humidity made everything blurry and blah.  I wore it to dinner and got a few random compliments, but all in all this isn't my fave.

In other news, I need a haircut.  Pinterest-ing some pics for inspiration as we speak.
Also, I went on a TJ Maxx shopping spree yesterday because I was oh-so-inspiring by this post by my favorite cute and little blogger, Kileen.

Can't wait to share my shopping haul with you chickens, but here's a little aperitif:

Until we meet again, have a good one, my little chickens.



  1. Bekah, I dunno what you're talking about... you look great! That skirt is really lovely! What material is it made out of?

  2. I love that skirt! Especially with the lace, and hello your watch is gorgeous!

  3. I love the watch!!

  4. Thanks for the positive words!! My new watch is definitely my new favorite thing :)

  5. Thanks doll! It's a really light jersey fabric.


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