September 14, 2011

comfy hump day

{shirt: LB | leggings: target | shoes: payless | watch: MK | vest: rainbow}

Waking up late + no coffee + not being able to decide what to wear + wreck on the interstate + gas light on (!!!!) + detour confusion + rainy afternoon threat = my morning.

All in all, I came out unscathed.  Thankfully.
I got ready super fast, threw on the comfiest outfit at my fingertips and hit the road.
Keeping it casual and simple, fo sho.  This transitional weather is irking me! I want to layer and wear my fall clothes and shoes, but by the afternoon we are still fast approaching 90 degrees.  Silly weather.

I would be completely happy with today if it weren't for the lack of coffee.



  1. woah lack of coffee.. what is that about! Did you not have it on purpose? I don't think I could handle it! Haha. This outfit turned out really cute.. even without coffee! ;) I love the stripes! I actually have a really similar shirt I just refashioned and need to wear! -Rachel ( 

  2. We were out of coffee and I was waaaay too late for a starbucks run.  I think the entire universe was against me! Thanks girl! I love me some stripes, definitely a large population in my closest :)

  3. transition weather is the worst. I ALWAYS get sick at those times of the year! -_-

  4. Agreed! Yesterday was HOT and today is FREEZING! I want to break out my boots but I don't want people to think I am silly! :)

  5. Hi Bekah! Thanks for coming over to my blog the other day and leaving a comment.

    My favorite New Orleans saying, "I'm goin' by my Mama and dems"

    This outfit is so cute. Perfect hump day look!

  6. btw, mentioned the NOLA thing because I saw your Who Dat post! Context is everything. ha


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