September 30, 2011

aztec fridays

Hi there, my chickens.
I am coming to you live from the alley between Costco & Ashley Furniture Home Store.
What can I say, I like to live on the edge.
{dress as skirt: ross | tribal top: dots | green belt: torrid | shoes: target | arms party: MK and dots}

A little afterthought on my day: I played it too safe with jewelry and felt accessory deprived once I got to work.  I need to wear my green belt more. I love my new tribal top, and I can't wait to wear it whenever I don't have to make it appropriate for el worko.  Yeah, that'll be fun.  You'll never guess what is wrong with these pictures?  Did you notice? Yep, one of my shoes broke.  I don't know when.  No one told me.  I didn't notice until seeing this:

My past 24 hrs:
Eating this lunch...
 Jamming out to this song...
 While wearing these shoes to walk off said pasta...
 Going with my baby sister to pick up her beloved car after they fixed it post-accident.
Her little car makes her happy. She's cute.
And this guy is always pretty awesome to have around:

HAPPY FRIDAY! Here's to house parties, pizza lunches, and skinny girl margaritas.
Oh, and be sure to take this moment to enter the *MY MEMORIES* giveaway, if you haven't!
It closes SUNDAY at midnight!



  1. Too cute! That top is absolutely adorable! Love the Michael Kors watch, too. I never, ever wear watches, but if I did I would splurge and get an MK rose gold watch. ;)


  2. I despise when something goes wrong with my outfits and I didn't even know that it was wrong!!! It makes me feel like such a silly girl to have walked around with something missing for who knows HOW long and then to suddenly notice it at the end of the day!!!

    Love this top - I want to wear it with leggings. It looks so comfortable.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. You look awesome in tribal! I'm jealous of your top, watch, and lunch!

  4. oh i love this outfit! that top is super cute and your accessories are adorable! :) lovely :)


  5. Thanks errrrrybody! Hope your weekends are swell!

  6. Bekah your Aztec top is awesome girl! I love that print and I love those shoes. Ohhhh noooo they broke. I would've never known. I hate when that happens :(. Have an awesome weekend CHICadee!!! ((HUG)) Your puppy wuppy is CUTE!
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  7. Hey Bekah, check my blog I gave you an award! WOOT
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  8. That MK watch is fantastic! Totally following you now. :)


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