October 1, 2011

saturday style

I wore this thrown together outfit a couple Saturdays ago for a family dinner (MEXICAN!) and then to a friend's party (HI, CARLI!)  I wanted to wear this tunic dress thingie one more time before it got too cold to wear it as a dress.  Also, I was yearning to wear my lace up combat boots again.
The remedy:
Oh, and sometimes me and Ozzy sporadically dance on the front porch at night... he's my little fuzzy man.  I wasn't sure how night time pictures (with a flash) would turn out, but the porch lights helped and I didn't want to miss this outfit, y'all.  I like how the girlie jewel print is de-feminized slightly by the rugged boot.  I live for juxtapositions.  And Coke zero.
That's no joke.
{dress/shoes: LB | belt: borrowed from this Dots dress | lipstick: giveaway won here | doggie: all mine}

I think this above picture was me dodging some huge mammoth bug.
Hope you all have faaaaabulous weekends & many merry moments.
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  1. Ahh Ozzy is so cute! This is such a pretty color scheme on you. And oommgg Mexican is so right up my alley!!! And the boots.. wow!

  2. Love your hair like that!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Bekah, I love this outfit! The dress is so girly love but paired with those edgy boots, it's tough! And your makeup looks lovely!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  4. Rachel- Thanks!!! I could eat Mexican EVERY day.
    April- Thanks! You too!
    Laura- Thanks!! I love my pink lipstick, but it's not for everyday wear. Makes me feel super girly on nights out though! YAY!

  5. That is some major bling you are working on that dress! It looks so fun and colorful and absolutely perfect for a par-tay!

    Oh and I can't not comment on the shoe choice - the boots work so well with that dress! (in an off beat sort of way, of course)

  6. I love the colors in this dress!! You look so super beautiful!! xox

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like! :)


  7. You look so cute! I especially love the last photo. =) I also have a crazy addiction to Coke Zero. I have to restrict myself... lol


  8. You look so gorgeous with your hair and lips like that!!!! I love that dress and the combo of the boots makes it perfect.

  9. I love the patterns and colors on this dress! Very lovely!

  10. hey! what an amazing dress, how awesome is that pattern! looooove it! those boots rock too, you look super cute from head to toe! :)


  11. cute dress...i love the colors in it. i love juxtapositions, too :)

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