October 20, 2011

autumn stripes + new necklace

{pants: gap | top: LB | vest: rainbow | socks: target | boots: nine west | trench: LB | bib necklace: a little bit of this}

Good morning and welcome to a special live edition of Matters of Merrymaking.
Live as in I am wearing this RIGHT now. Crazy, huh?
I was on the ball this morning, mostly because I got this amazing necklace in the mail yesterday and could not wait to share it.  My lovely friend Kimberley over at A Little Bit Of This crafted this necklace (check out her etsy store, it's TO DIE!) for me and did a little sneaky action and sent it to me.  
What a doll, I love it!

My eyeballs were cold this morning because it feels like Christmas outside.  I.  Love.  It.
Now, not to focus anymore on weather... It's almost Friday!!!!!!!
Doing my little almost-Friday dance right now...
Have a good one, little chickens.

OH! And if you missed my Fall Must-Haves post tomorrow-- CHECK IT OUT!



  1. hey cute! love the boots and the socks :) you look really good in stripes :)


  2. that is a really darling necklace. It adds a little bit of color pop to the outfit!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
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  3. So cute! That necklace is adorable. Checking out here Etsy store right... NOW!

  4. You are so adorable! Love this whole outfit.

  5. That was SO SWEET! I love the retailers on Etsy. They have so much charm. LOVE the LIVE post girl! HAHAHA Adoring your striped top and boots. :D Have an awesome evening!

  6. now THAT'S a great friend! i've been loving these bib necklaces to dress up my plain tees!


  7. I really like this outfit.. I feel like you can wear it in so many places.. and the necklace, jacket and boots are fantastic! Do you have to wear wide calf boots? If so, how do the Nine West ones run? I have large calves so a lot of boots don't work on me, and I never seem to like the wide calf ones!

    xo, Jill

  8. WHat a fun necklace. I especially love this outfit with the jacket!

  9. How nice of her! The necklace is so super cute. I'll have to take a peak around her shop. You look cute in stripes!

  10. thats an awesome necklace!! Your blog is so cute! I am now following!


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