October 18, 2011

leopard print + scary movies

{leggings, dress, leopard top: tj maxx | boots: payless | necklace: gift | watch: michael kors}

Still waiting for that cool weather. Still dressing like it is not 89 degrees.  Ha.
I wore this for Sunday brunch and errands.  Today is actually supposed to be the start of rain and a cold front.  I know, I know you are thinking what crazy person likes the rain.  I love the rain, especially when I am inside :)

My suede boots are begging for me to wear them, let's keep our fingers crossed that they see some fresh air this week.  On a non-weather related note:  I am so stinkin' pumped for this upcoming weekend.  I have so many lovely events to look forward to!
1. Paranormal Activity 3: Watch trailer here. Yes, I am obsessed.  Yes, I love scary movies.  Yes, I have gone to the past two midnight showings (PA1 and PA2). I won't be able to do the whole midnight thing Thursday (hello, teacher!!??) BUT I will be seeing the first showing I can on Friday.  I don't care if they never stop making sequels/prequels.  I can't get enough.
2. Haunted Corn Maze:  We have a pretty nifty corn maze at the Agricenter International here in Memphis and on the weekends it is haunted.  Gotta get my scare on!  Better stick to shoes with straps!
3. LIVE MUSIC! My brother's band has a show this weekend at the Buccaneer, the first with their new lead singer.  I am very excited to spend some time with some good people!
4. River Arts Fest: This year I am volunteering at this festival!  I am very excited because it is in my favorite part of town (the Historic South Main Arts District) and I will be vending beer and wine! Follow my tweets to find out what location I am at and come see me!

Just wanted to share a little bit of my exciting life.
There's plenty of non-exciting things going on too, but that's yucky.


  1. I SO MUCH want to do fun things like corn mazes & scary movies for Halloween, but my boyfriend will be deployed, & I don't have any friends in my new town! So sad. I'll probably watch "Scream" alone, haha.

    (PS: LOVE this outfit.)

  2. Loving the leopard!!


  3. I am SO EXCITED to see Paranormal Activity 3. The first one freaked me out so much that I slept with the lights on for a week. No joke.

    The outfit is so CUUUTE! That necklace is adorable... and the boots. Oh, the boots. Payless is really starting to up their game, I think.


  4. I want that leopard top! oMGS I haven't even seen Paranormal Activity 2 because I'm still trying to get over #1. I am such a wuss, Bekah. It's so sad.
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  5. Love the sheer leopard. And those boots are fab!

  6. im loving that green tunic, super cute! :) love the leopard top aswell! looking cute :)


  7. I can't even watch COMMERCIALS for Paranormal Activity. Have you been watching American Horror Story?

    I've never been in a corn maze. In Minneapolis, we went to an apple orchard with a pumpkin patch and a corn maze. But all we did at the orchard was eat pie. Hahaha.

  8. I CANNOT wait to see PA3!! Can I just say I am loving the whole outfit, love the detail on the shirt underneath!


  9. Bekah, you are good girl! Seeing the MIDNIGHT showing and a haunted corn maze! I get scared going through there during the day! You go! Get your haunt on. HAHAHA Leopard is definitely befitting this post because ROARRRRR, nothing scares you. ((HUG))

  10. Love how animal print looks on you, great styling. cause it is very difficult for the animal prints to look good on everyone

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    The Dolls Factory

  11. ooh la la leopard! where the heck have i been?? never saw any of these post in my dash? lurve this with teal underneath. i'm hoping to make it to our pumpkin patch this weekend!!



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