October 5, 2011

in my white tee

{tee: borrowed | maxi skirt: homemade by my mom | necklace: Mama Chickie | shoes: payless}

First things first... I am wearing a plain white tee, along with some other lovelies, at Distinct.Style.Innovation. for Wear It Wednesday.
Love the way it looks, and it was definitely comfy, but I had to hunt this sucker down.
Yep, I did not own a plain white tee.  You think I would considering my affection for boyfriend tees.
I had so much fun dressing this one up!
Moving on... I am happy to mention that following my product review, eShakti has made a generous offer for all of my friends, readers, and chickens! Use the promo code BEKAH0811 and receive $20 off your order.  It's a fabulous deal considering how moderately priced they are to begin with, you are WINNING! Hop on over to eShakti.com and buy yourself something pretty!
which brings me to my next point:
dun dun dunnnnnn
I thought it would be a lot harder that it has been.  But then again, it is only October FIFTH.  Instead of pining for a therapy sesh at TJ MAXX, I am making a game out of it.  I am going to see how long I can keep my money in my bank account.  If I can keep a double-digit balance until the 15th, then I have already set a life-time record. I have turned it from a shopping ban, to more of a frivolous spending ban.
I thought I would be more likely to stick to it if I set some concrete ground rules: 
1. No clothing/shoes/accessory shopping!
(with the exception of very few Halloween costume tweaks)
2. No beauty products or services!
Meaning: I don't need ANOTHER eyeliner, and I can paint my own nails.
(I think I can, I think I can)
3. No coffee/tea that costs more than $2
I can put the Salted Caramel Mochas on hold and just drink it black.
 Lastly, when I need want to shop, I will simply read a book, watch a TV show, or go walking.

There you have it folks, a shopping somewhat-of-an-addict's plan to take a break for the month of October and (hopefully) reap some benefits.

I know that my girl Jessica is also doing a shopping ban this month, any other ladies?
Join us and keep me sane! :)


  1. I'm on a self-imposed shopping ban, too! But since I've been so bad about shopping this summer, my ban is lasting from Oct. through Dec. -- I can only buy things for others! We'll see how this goes; good luck with your ban! :)


  2. oh Bekah, you reminded me that I ALSO do NOT own a white tee! I must remedy that ASAP! Hurray for shopping bans! I love how creative people get when they restrict their wardrobe spending! Hope it all goes well with you!

  3. I wanted to do this but i totally failed already when I went into Zara yesterday and actually found stuff that fit! I do intend on doing a shopping ban at some point! Good for you for doing it!


  4. Looove this skirt. And look at you...wearing PINK in BREAST CANCER awareness month. Woot Woot!!!

    You look really great and totally comfortable!


  5. I'm on a different sort of shopping ban. Have you heard of the October Dress Project ?(http://octoberdressproject.blogspot.com)

    I along with about 20 other local friends and dozens more people around the country have committed to wearing the same dress for every day in October.

    Here are my pictures so far:
    I'll also be posting a summary of each week's experience on my blog on Fridays.

  6. I love your blog! That merriness is definitely saturating every piece of your writing... and this is such a lovely outfit you have. LOVE That pink maxi skirt!!

    <3, J


  7. love this outfit, and the necklace is amazing! great color combinations here :) I also need to go on a shopping ban.. i say this every month (and year really) but i never do, and unfortunately i bought stuff already this month, haha. good luck on yours!

    xo, Jill

  8. I love your necklace! So far not shopping has been easy but then again I have been fairly busy. I completely forgot about needing a halloween costume too. I'm going to see what I can put together using what I already have.

  9. Hey, I came by from Wear*It Wednesday--I love the colour of your maxi so much! It's really gorgeous. I'm on a shopping "diet" until January 1st--there's a list of six items I can buy until then that are items I believe are essential for my closet, but everything else is on hold until 2012. It hasn't been hard so far (about 3 weeks in) but I imagine it will eventually.

  10. My 2010 "resolution" was to only spend a certain amount at only 1 location each month as far as clothes were concerned. (I lasted till maybe May?)
    My 2011 "resolution" was to only spend a certain amount of money per month, wherever I chose. (I think I lasted till June or July.)

    The real problem? I then got way too into buying books and beauty products. And art for my walls.

    Moral of the story: I am in full support of your choice and plan to live through your frugality! Hahaha.

    Slang in my white tee...

  11. Bekah, I knot my tees the same way girl. And how I love your maxi skirt. Aren't they the greatest! I love maxi dresses also. Your skirt is a great color! You will do just fine with your shopping ban! That is a good plan!!! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  12. I just started my shopping ban today, and I am already feeling it! I still am allowing myself to thrift though, because otherwise, I would really go crazy =)

    Love the necklace!


  13. I'm on a shopping ban forever.
    But mostly for October, as well, which is why Natasha and I started the Old to New project! Instead of shopping, I'll take something in my closet that I don't love and make it into something new! No shopping, new clothes, WIN!


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