October 31, 2011


That sign is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Totally encompasses my love of the holiday.
my little chickens.
I hope you have the spookiest, most enjoyable 31st ever.
I won't be doing anything too crazy today, as I celebrated this past weekend.
We watched our favorite ghost shows (ghost adventures, anyone?), went to see our favorite cover band (SNOZberry) at a haunted (?) old brothel-turned-restaurant (earnestine and hazel's) in downtown Memphis, and had a great time in our costumes (i was a flapper, obvi)!  
It was definitely the most fun halloween I have had in a few years
My BFF Carli and me before the show.
ON ME: dress: ASOS | shoes: nine west | fishnets: party city | headband, necklaces, boa: borrowed}
Laura, my sister-in-law, Carli and me

 George Michael and me, obviously.

Did you all have the most amazing Halloween everrrr?!
Hope so.
Enjoy tonight and if you are going trick or treating, y'all be careful :)
oh, and save me the reese's pumpkins- they're my favorite.


  1. You are soo cute as a flapper!! What a fun costume idea.. and the dress is perfect!!

  2. bekah, im so happy you had a great time! you looked grwat and i love your costume. lol, im having surgery today. so im blogging by phone. haha ((hug))

  3. What a cute costume! You look great. I sadly didn't do anything for Halloween this year because I had to work all day Saturday, & also because my boyfriend is deployed & I don't know anyone in the town where we live. I did eat fun-sized candy bars & watch "Hocus Pocus," though!

  4. You guys look amazing. Even "George Michael." ;-)

  5. you all look adorable!!! and I really like your flapper outfit!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. You all look so good, love your flapper outfit!

    Happy Halloween!


  7. Oh my gosh, you have such a fun costume! I don't think I've seen any flappers in a long time.

    Ghost Adventures is such a classic show. I've watched (and loved) many ghost shows through the years, but that one is so over the top and ridiculous and stupid.. yet, I love watching it.


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