October 10, 2011

bright florals + pretzel tubs

{cardigan: old navy | skirt: altered from dress | shoes: payless | belt: UO | tank top: eShakti | necklace: Mama Chickie | clutch: vintage, gift}
I don't mean to brag, but this fall break has been wonderfully wonderful.  I spent Friday in bed all day. watching movies, telling ghost stories to my dog, & digging out my best christmas pajamas.
Saturday was spent at the pumpkin patch, cutting orange beauties right from the vine and then cooking out a yum yum meal on the grill with the family!
Sunday, I got all gussied up (in the above floral duds) to eat pizza and drink beer on the Mellow Mushroom patio with my bestie!
Do all grown-ups have so much fun on their short, sparse, well-deserved breaks? I hope so!

Today, I am probably soaking up the last day of care-free pajama time!
Happy Columbus Day to you all, celebrate however you wish, my little chickens.
I will be kicking back with my roasted red pepper hummus & big fat tub of pretzels.
No, really, the tub is HUGE.

If you have fancied any of my past accessories, you may be interested in finding out that none other than my mother designed and created them! Momma Merrymaker has been making jewelry and other beautiful things my entire life.  She has steadily been building a fall collection and will premiere it at a wine/cheese/jewelry party in Memphis this week.  Many other artisans will be on display, too! For all my Memphis friends, email me for the location if you are interested in attending! Also, if you want some fab items of your own, she does custom items and is building an Etsy shop!
 Keep your chicken eyes peeled for Mama Chickie designs.



  1. another altered dress! the pattern is so lovely! and pretzels and flowers, I can't think of a better combination! and with hummus to boot. oh gosh, I LURVE red pepper hummus.

    Happy Monday!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. I need to see Momma Merrymaker's duds. I always need more accessories.

  3. Bekah, you look great in green girl! I love the various shades you have incorporated in your outfit! Another blogger was talking about florals and how they're NOT just for spring/summer. LOVE how you have incorporated them here. Beautiful outfit and so happy that you are enjoying your time off. I love pretzels too!!! :D Have another awesome day off! WOOT!!! ((HUG))

  4. That is so cool that she is making jewelry and accessories! I was going to comment on what a cool necklace that is! she is quite talented. And you look lovely in florals!

  5. I'll be posting pictures of the party and all can inquire about the items then!

  6. Really nice post, I got so much to learn from you!
    Followin each other right? :)

  7. I love your skirt!!! It's adorable, and the color is great on you.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Love, love the skirt. Your momma makes beautiful jewelry! Lucky girl.

  9. That skirt is absolutely adorable! And your mother's jewelry is lovely!


  10. that momma is quite the jewelry maker! i love this necklace you are wearing today. glad you had a fabulous mini holiday! i'm working today...boo!

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

  11. I love the stuff your mom makes! This outfit is so perfect and happy I love it on you!

  12. wow, your mom is talented. Love the necklace you're wearing, it's really interesting. Have fun on your break! xx

  13. I LOVE that necklace and the pattern on the skirt, so cute! I can't believe your mama made all that, she's got great talent! Wish I lived near TN, I would definitely be there =(


  14. wow, that necklace is amazing!! your mom is so talented! and i love the fun floral skirt!

    cute & little

  15. Love the green necklace made out of sweater


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