December 6, 2012

Army Green & Sweater Dresses

 {sweater dress: ross | boots: LB | belt: torrid | scarf: target | coat: macy's | sunglasses: michael kors}

Sweater dresses may be one of the greatest fashion inventions since leopard print coats & chicken biscuits.  I stayed warm all day long and beyond that, I was super comfortable.  Gotta invest in some more of these babies.  Also, I didn't even notice until I got to work that my coat, scarf, AND belt all had the same shade of green!  Not on purpose.  The coat is just my favorite, so I naturally grab it most mornings.  I guess it was just an army green kind of morning.  GOOD NEWS! I have finally started my Christmas shopping!  What did people do before they could shop online?!  SO EASY! Have you started crossing items off your shopping list?  It's definitely a good feeling.  Only a few more things to go! 'Tis the season!


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  2. Lovely owner, very natural match , I usually go to the c-cotton for my outfit .


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