November 29, 2012


I was just thinking last night about the huge Throwback Thursday thing that is all the rage on Instagram (are you on IG? Follow me: @missbekah), and thinking about all the great times here at Matters of Merrymaking that I could throw back to!  Then it hit me... I wonder what I was posting/wearing/drinking on November 29, 2011.

So a quick laugh visit to last year's archives and I found it.  Ironically, I still completely wear this outfit together in its entirety (outfit details below).  Although my sister took her super cute purse back from me.  Oh, and my hair is longer (hooray!)  I think that says a lot about these pieces in my wardrobe! I need to invest in more of them!  It really was a lot of fun to see what I was doing last year around this time! Can you believe it is going to be December this weekend? WHAT! Where did 2012 go?
Feel free to share some throwbacks with me!  Happy Thursday, my chickens.

{leggings, striped top: LB | boots: nine west | olive blazer: old navy | snood, satchel: target | belt: UO}


  1. To throwback or not to throwback... that is the question... All I know is last year must have been better...Cause I sick with the sniffles and a painful stye in my eye... sitting at my desk wearing two different patterns of gray and white.... i need healing and merrymaking... lunch? Don't worry I'll expect only merrymaking... healing is a bit out of your league... :)


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