April 4, 2011

Pretty. Purple. Pleats. Please.

Remember waaaay back (last week),
 when I said I was dying for some pleats.
Of the chiffon persuasion, of course.
Call me a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins. 
Because I already had some beautiful pleats in my closet.
This dress and a skirt as well.

The twirl factor is swoon-worthy.  Although, it didn't mix well with the high gusts of wind that were kickin' in downtown Memphis yesterday.  I had brunch yesterday with a group of Memphis area bloggers, whom I have all met before in random life experiences.  Isn't it funny how life works that way? The lovely Raquel and Robyn- as well as Ellie (Robyn's sister) and Reed (Raquel's little guy).
I can't believe I forgot to take pictures, but we have learned and will not repeat the mistake.
Any excuse for mimosas and dresses on a patio & 

dress, vintage. scarf, F21. belt, Urban O. shoes (not pictured), payless.

This weekend flew by and I didn't even get to savor it.  Too much work :(
I made up for it Sunday night by sitting and catching up on my DVR.
Anyone else watching Mildred Pierce? I am in LOVE with Kate Winslet.
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  1. I recently did a post on pleats!! I love them so much!!

    Monique xxx


  2. What a lovely dress! The color is stunning on you-- it brings out your pretty eyes!

  3. Thanks! I can't believe it was hiding in the back of the closet.. silly dress.

  4. They're my new favorite! I love them tooooo!

  5. super pretty! Love the colour on you, and it looks so light and flowy! Feather extensions? How do one wash the do? o.O

  6. Thanks, Erica! And thanks for coming by! :)

  7. Anja_AHeartandSoulStoryApril 4, 2011 at 1:32 PM

    Something similar happened to me recently, when I was planning on buying a maxi skirt or dress! already had 2 dresses and a skirt in my closet. Well, you never know!! Spring clean up is good for something after all!

    I adore this color on you btw. What kind of shoes did you wear with it?

  8. i love rockin' scarves like the one you're sporting.

  9. Thanks Anja! I wore brown flip flops, not the cutest but I had a lot of walking to do! Another awkward photo session, without shoes. :)

  10. sweet...love the color on you! definitely has the twirl factor! and the little tassels on the scarf are perfecto...an accessory in itself!

  11. Apparently, you can wash them like normal hair because they are treated... I'm also a bit skeptic, but looks like I'll have to do the experimenting to find out!

  12. Love this dress with that belt and scarf!
    I'm curious on the shoes though! Also, I NEED pink lipstick thanks to your post the other day. :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  13. TheCheapGirlHayleyApril 4, 2011 at 3:25 PM

    HOLY MOLY! I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. you look SO good in that color! Yay for blogger friends!

  14. LOVE this dress and this color hecka!


  15. Thanks! It is a new addition to my closet, and I am obsessed with it!

  16. isn't it great? I can't wait to remix it a hundred million ways!

  17. it is THE BEST pink lipstick I have ever had. SO in love with it!

  18. Thanks Hayley! It certainly has brightened my day! Purple power!

  19. i love love love your scarf girl!! soo fun!!!

  20. Did you SEE what the color did for your EYEBALLS?! Please tell me you saw that happening.

    Hrm... I don't own pleats. Seems like I'll have to remedy that. Husband won't like it, so I'm blaming you. I totally blamed you for the second margarita. I like this friendship. 'Til I meet you in real life, I won't feel bad passing the buck. ;)

  21. wow, you look simply stunning in purple and i love these pictures!

    cute & little

  22. wow I love the scarf against the purple dress and they way you belted the dress tops it off. you look great you cotton-headed-ninny-muggins.

  23. wow I love the scarf against the purple dress and they way you belted the dress tops it off. you look great you cotton-headed-ninny-muggins.

    Write it in Lipstick

  24. Very pretty dress! The color is stunning on you. And I met up with some bloggers last Friday and didn't take photos either! Woops. I think we were just so focused on getting to meet other cool ladies that we were too distracted to take photos. That's our story and we are sticking with it, ok? :)

  25. Thank you SO much! And I think we are on the same page :)

  26. Kimberly, you keep talking sweet to me like that and I'll let you blame me for the third and fourth! Haha, and get you some pleats girl, it's like being a princess! :)

  27. That bright purple looks fabulous on you! Definitely your color. :) That scarf is cute as well and a great transition piece from Winter to Spring!

    I know what you mean about not taking pictures as well. We recently had a meetup up here in AZ and thought I brought my camera with me, I was so busy chatting it up that I didn't take any pictures. Oops! Luckily, pretty much everyone else was taking pictures, so I was able to steal some from their blogs.


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