April 14, 2011

Gus T.T. Showbiz (The Extra T is for Extra Talent)

Dear James Roday, if you are reading this... 
Marry me!!!
Oh, and why are you reading this?
Love, Bek

My lipstick matches my toenails.
15 points for me.

Yes, I give points.
You get ten for actually reading this.
+3 if you got the title/Roday mentions from above.
Claim your points in the comments section or yell at me on TWITTER.

Me and the tripod had a better experience today than yesterday's disaster.
However, I still was not feeling as "bright, shiny happy" as my boss told me I looked this morning.
Not sleeping in my own bed for the last three nights has had quite an effect on me.
I'll be heading home tomorrow, tomorrow, 
I love ya tomorrrrowwwww.
(oh, sorry, sometimes I burst in to song)

It's Thuuuursday! 
We are almost there.


  1. I love that top paired with skinny jeans! And I guess I get 10 points?? Yippee! LOL, I burst into song all the time too, it's kinda scary, you would think I'm part of the Glee cast...except I'm tone deaf. :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  2. Thanks! Duet, soon? And congrats on your points, dear Lidi! :)

  3. haha, i love the last picture. love your pink lips and toes!


  4. Omg i do the burst out in song thing too! One of my favorites is to make up Broadway/musical-esque show tunes about whats going on. Its so fun!
    And props for the matching toes and lips!

  5. i love your lipstick! you pull it off so well. i'm obsessed. i think you looked really bright, shiny, happy today, but i'm happy for you that you'll be home tomorrow. margaritasssssss yes? we should have like, a virtual bloggers' happy hour sometime. not sure how we would accomplish this, but i feel confident we can make it happen.

  6. Omg the second I read your blog title I was like she did NOT just quote Burton Guster!! Haha. And I'm willing to fight you for Shawn Spencer :)

    P.s. I just bought a lipstick in almost the exact same shade of pink!


  7. You are SO funny. oh my goodness. I love this outfit. so fun and relaxed but CUTE! and i def have taken the same pic with my tripod.

  8. Oh, the songs I sing whilst doing laundry could easily be Tony-award nominated.

  9. We shall figure this out and master it soon, I know this. Can you believe someone bought me this shade? I was hesitant, but I am so in love with it.

  10. Thanks my dear, I love mixing fun and comfort... Fumfort?

  11. this outfit has to be my favorite to date!

  12. bahaha, love the photo of you and your tripod :)

    awesome pocket detail on the stripey tank too!

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  13. Thanks, girl! I love the fake badge of sparkles, makes me feel VIP!

  14. Oh lordy, that means a lot to me! Thanks! This tank used to be a dress but I cut the bottom off! It is getting so much use already!

  15. I like the lipstick color! Great outfit.. and I love those sandals.


  16. dude. few things:
    1.) i love love love that top. (well, i love anything even remotely nautically striped.)
    2.) you should get some red lipstick--pink is lovely, but there's nothing like a bright red with some nautical stripes!
    3.) i want your eyeballs to be my eyeballs. canwetradeplease.



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