April 5, 2011

tell me about it, stud.

outfit inspiration: lovely Linley from Dwelling & Telling.  Isn't she the cutest?
I was a tad weary, because I have never really recreated a look.
All is fair in love and blogging, so here we go:
 I saw Linley wearing this outfit above, and I knew it was the perfect way to
mix the maxi I just bought.  It's not quite warm enough to go bare shoulders (and I can't at work anyway)
I loved it. 
Until I saw the pics and realized I probably should have buttoned it once more
and worn the knot a few inches lower.
Oh well, ya live and learn.
(and then you drink a margarita.)
 Oh, and you're a smart cookie if you guessed that I wore this last week.
Monday was showering me with downpours, lightening and tornado warnings, so I did not get a pic yesterday, sadly. 
I wore a (tye-dye) t-shirt and trudged through, barely making it ;)
On the other hand, I got my first ASOS order yesterday, 
my BIRTHDAY dress.
Yes, it isn't until June.
Yes, I like attention.
Yes, I will probably wear it before then.
Yes, it has fringe.
I think I covered all of the bases.
 maxi: Ross. floral button-up: Target. necklace: gifted. 
shoes: not pictured, i am such a goober, but I am wearing these.

How awesome are these studded shoulders on the shirt?
Florals and studs? Fabulous love child.
Have the best Tuesday ever and remember:




  1. I love the way you styled the maxi (well, both you and Linley!). At 5'0, I'm still a little scared of the maxi trend!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  2. I love that you found an inspiration photo. I've used them a few times and find it SO MUCH EASIER to put together an outfit that I wouldn't have thought of on my own. I really love using professional pics (out of magazines, etc.), since I know there was a professional stylist behind the scenes. That way I'm almost ASSURED to get it right! Anyway, love the way you paired a maxi with a button down. Hmmm, now I have to go get some maxi dresses and a button down :)

  3. Thanks Lidi, and maybe you should aim for a maxi skirt and then you could more adjust the way it fell! I think they make people look taller! But, who am I to tell you.. I am 6ft tall! Haha, best of luck, but don't be scared :) :)

  4. I am in love with it. You inspired me to find inspiration. I felt SO pretty all day long in the outfit. Something about the long dress makes me feel super girly! :)

  5. Awesome job on the recreation!! I CAN"T WAIT to see your birthday dress!! Fringe? Sounds like a winner already!!

  6. You are too cute! Love this outfit. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog :)

  7. Thanks! We need to go shoe shopping sometime :)

  8. I am so excited about it, Amy! I need an excuse to wear it and normally I believe its bad luck to wear a birthday dress before your birthday... but I am willing to make an exception and make this an all-time PARTY dress. Stay tuned :)

  9. love it!!! going to try this look myself!

    Monique xx


  10. love your inspired look! it's adorable! (:

  11. i also like that yours is flip flopped with the patterned top and solid bottom. sure is a great inspirational outfit though as i have ordered one of those denim shirts and am still waiting...waiting...waiting. your asos order came pretty fast. mine took over a month.

    And love your inspired outfit! Linley is one of my favorites and she has impeccable style! You did a GREAT job recreating and making it so you. :)

    I need more maxis. They are SO COMFY!


    this outfit is too adorbz. the z is because it is too fancy for an s. i think you did a super job recreating this! also, it just hailed where i am. HAILED. also, every time i drink a margarita i think of you. also, i may or may not have had a dream where i met you in real life. are you afraid yet?

    PS- i adore ASOS. adore adore adore.

  14. Anja_AHeartandSoulStoryApril 5, 2011 at 4:35 PM

    Love the title first of all - it's from Grease, right!? My fav'!
    The dress and shirt combo looks adorable on you!! hehe, and you are prepared for my shoe question this time! Great. Definitely wear that dress, but maybe keep the best combo for the B-Day! It was so hard for me to not wear my dress before my B-Day as well, had to wear it once before, but with totally different people, so that didn't really count :)

  15. Are you kidding? I am everything but afraid, mostly ecstatic. I am so glad you are back. and in charge, may i add?

    Hail is crazy... Yesterday we had a tornado. That is also crazy. Ozzy was a scared little puppypoo.
    I haven't had a margarita in way too long. Perhaps one day we shall skype and drink them, and we shall get along famously!

    Z's are fancy. Thanks for bringing joy back to my life.

  16. It was my first ASOS order and I was a million times pleased. Linley is so great, I want to be her.. haha okay that's a little weird, but I'd love to own her wardrobe!!
    Maxis are great, I just told my mother she needed to get one for traveling this weekend, it's the best idea ever!

  17. Yeah, I was so surprised mine took so little time. Like under two weeks, I think? But it said it shipped from Georgia, which is close-ish to Tennessee (last time I checked) so maybe I just lucked out geographically.

  18. Thanks, Linley! That means a lot, a lot. Thanks for stopping by too :)

  19. DO IT! I was a pretty, pretty princess ALL DAY LONG!

    No, really, I made everyone bring me things. True.

  20. Yes, GREASE! I grew up watching that movie everyday! I love musicals. I can't believe I cut out my shoes everyday... it's just really hard capturing my whole outfit in one frame, because I am a giant. But you inspired me! Thanks so much!

    and you shall see the b-day dress, pre-birthday, i can promise you that. I love it too much to wait!

  21. I love how you recreated this look. Adorable!

  22. I LOVE this shirt, and I love your take on Linley's look! Perfection!

    <3 The Daily Dani

  23. inspiration! that's what fashion blogs are all about! you look simply adorable :)

  24. Isn't it great? Thank you, Ashley and thanks a million bajillion for coming by :)

  25. that`s a great idea to wear maxi skirt! shall try it!



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