April 25, 2011

Rom-Com Revelations

Lately, when I think about the whole (super amazing) blogging community I have become a part of, I can't help but to quote Never Been Kissed in my head.
You know what part, don't you?

No, it's not about Josie Grossie, although...
somedays it sure feels like it when I first wake up.
We do have similar style.


I always think about the part where Rob 
(David Arquette, when he was classy, sigh.) 
tells Josie that: 
"All you need is for one person to think you're cool, 
and you're in."


It just occurs to me sometimes, that the style blogging community is like that.  
Like high school. Well not like my high school, thank god.
For example: if a huge blogger, the "Kirstens, Kristens, and Gibby's"
You know, the ones with the massive following,
 free clothes, tons of sponsors, expensive cameras and editing equipment.**
One day they send you a shout out on their blog, twitter, guest post, etc:
 Her dedicated followers will follow suit and check you out, more than likely love you (for good reasons, no doubt.) and then you're a part of the club, sistah! 
Word of mouth, or literally just word, and you could be taken from a couple hundred followers to pushing close to a thousand in a few weeks.  It could intensely change your focus.
-A couple blogs have been writing on a similar subject lately, about how they've quit fashion bloggers 
or only keep reading ones that they can find some heart in... I can't imagine some one thinking harshly on the people I look up to, that inspire me.  I find happiness in my day to day blog adventures and relationships, but I'd be kidding if I didn't find allure in the shiny possibilites of blog growth.


Where is David Arquette when I need him?

But, it's NOT about the numbers, it's about the content, right?
 I mean... that's what they say.
They're right!


Be the true representation of yourself, 
and the hot guys readers will come.
My experience, short as it may be, is way more enjoyable than high school.  I love building my relationships daily with the women who have been with me since the beginning 
AND the lovely ladies whom have just come aboard the merrymaking train.
You guys are great, glad you're here. 
Perhaps the best lesson we can learn from 'Never Been Kissed' is:

"Find out who you are 

and try not to be afraid 

of it." 

-Josie Gellar 

Can I get an AMEN?
At the end of the day, I will continue to measure my blog's worth in the value I find in it, the lessons I have learned from it, and continue believing that I am worth my weight in sparkles.
Thank you.


**No disrespect to ANY wonderful, talented females. 
 I love them and read their words/drink in their style daily.  
I think that they rock.


  1. I agree. I'm not a fashion blogger, but I know what you mean. (I just chuckled at the thought of me...blogging about fashion. Scary thought.) Anyway. Followers are fun. They make you feel good. But the content is what matters. What you put out there and how you feel about it. And I'd rather have 1 sweet comment about something I said than 1000 followers who don't really care.

    But on a completely opposite note...if I ever get famous (before you do), you're going to be on my team of stylists. Just fyi.

  2. great post...always nice to have BOTH the followers and awesome content though :P usually if you have so many followers its because you have worthwhile content...or been in the blogging game for a decade, whichever

  3. Um, so hi. You've been kissed. Yep, I said it. :)

    And AMEN, sistah!

  4. Well said! Totally was thinking about how the fashion blogging community is like high school the other day...but definitely didn't think of Never Been Kissed. You win.

  5. It is true, I agree... I shouldn't measure my six month to their decades! Thanks for reading!!!!!

  6. Thanks, Faye! You're so cute, you should throw in some outfit posts... Agreed 100%.

    Let's just get famous together, it's really easy these days. So are we going to Jersey or starting a new trend of Teen Dads?

  7. You're my rockstar. I was nervous that it might be misconstrued but I'm digging the feedback so far.
    Thanks so much, my dearest fashion momma!!!

  8. This is one of my favorite movies, I quote it ALL THE TIME! In fact, I had to keep myself from quoting it more in the post, because it just would have been lost on most people!

  9. It is easy these days...hmm. No to Jersey. Teen Dads? There are some cute freshman boys running around campus these days...

    I might just get famous by association. I'm halfway there. With my semi-lebrity bachelor friends and my Ingram Hill boys. I'll bring you along, too.

    Maybe one day when I wear a cute outfit, I'll snap a pic and you can have me guest post. My followers would laugh at me if I tried to talk fashion!

  10. AMEN! So true! Now if only we could get ourselves noticed by some of the big bloggers and convince them that we're cool..

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs

  11. Now, I know we ARE cool... so are we gonna make shirts or dancing videos??? :)

  12. I will have to tag along and cling to your semi-fame, whilst spending my days shopping. THE LIFE!

  13. YES! Blogging is just like high school but with a bunch of girls that dress really well...
    I know that a lot of bloggers are about numbers and free stuff but I think at that point it's no longer fun.
    I just found your blog on EBEW and I'm really enjoying what you got going on;)
    hungry for fashion

  14. Amen!!! What a great analogy and so true. I couldn't agree more with his post. :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  15. Hey thanks Gabi!!! I'm so glad you came by! :) :)

  16. Thanks, Lidi! It came from my heart, I enjoyed writing a more meaty post! Haha! Thanks for reading!

  17. haha Love this, Bekah! I'm really going to have to watch this movie again... I've got the itch now!!

    I am so happy to be apart of this community in any capacity! And getting to know people like you and reading about your life is what I enjoy most! (Next to talk about myself, of course) haha Kidding.

    Thanks for following!

    Sabrina Says

  18. There are days when blogging can feel clique-ish and discouraging but the good outweighs the bad - esp all the great people you "meet"!

  19. Such an inspirational post!

    Monique xx


  20. I could not agree with you more! :)


  21. Thanks Sabrina! And I agree with you wholeheartedly, I love to stalk people, but I enjoy talking about myself just as much :) :)

  22. That's a good way to put it. I definitely agree, girl!

  23. Thanks, Monique! I have been wanting to share it with y'all for a while now! I'm happy it's getting some good feedback :) Thanks for reading everyday!

  24. I ADORE your blog!! Thanks sooo much for your absolutely lovely and amazing comment on my site :) You don't know how much it means to me. Now I want to re-watch Never Been Kissed, I saw it some years ago and don't remember much of it :P I agree a lot with what you write especially the bit about being true to who you are. It works wonders not only in blogging, but in life xxx

  25. Wonderful post!!! we all need to hear this, because sometimes you can get lost in trying to be "popular". Thanks for visiting my site! I really enjoyed your comment and writing :)

    xo Jody http://ticklemechiic.blogspot.com/

  26. you had me at rom com, and then never been kissed (LOVE!!) but really adore the message of your post. it's so true. and as much as it would be cool to be popular, i really am just eager to connect with more women instead of the notion of raking in the so-called friends, but I love where I'm at, where I've met women and have found fulfillment from this bloggie world. great to have met you!
    PS: love your newer post with your hot target gear. :)

  27. No way you are amazing! I loved that post you wrote! BEAUTIFUL!
    You should watch Never Been Kissed, sooooo good!

    Thanks for commenting, can't wait to read more of your posts!

  28. HAHAHAHA! Alyson, this made me laugh! You write straight to my heart! Thanks tons little lady!

  29. LOVE this post. You hit the nail on the head by identifying the blogosphere as a larger, more diverse high school. At times it can seem like a popularity contest and yeah, just a simple nod from the right person at the right time can get you closer to the in-crowd... but where does that really get you? I went to several different high schools and at some I ate with the cheerleaders, at others I ate with the nerds, and in my experience, it was just as fun and fulfilling sitting with a small group of "nobodies" (you know what I mean) and having real, intimate conversations as it was sitting with the cool kids. I love the bloggers I read /follow who don't have HUGE followings because I know that there is a stronger chance that they are reading my comments, smiling about them and commenting back. Commenting on the big blogs is like being a fan; commenting on a small one is like being a friend. And I'd rather have a few good friends than a few thousand distant fans.

    Im not Josie Grossie anymore!! hahahah love it.
    ps, sorry I wrote a book.

  30. Thanks Tiffany! Popularity contest = definitely.. but I think the good outweighs the bad so far!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my relationships with healthy, but not an insane amount of followers. I guess that in life, and the blogging world, we are most attracted to people like us!!! :)


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