June 13, 2012


I mentioned a few posts ago that I recently had my first official blogger meet-up with some super fabulous bloggers (Dani, Sarah B, and the other Sarah B.) in New Orleans.  Here are some more pictures and fun stuff from that trip!  
And if you wanna laugh harder, check out some pics from Sarah's blog.

I was definitely super excited to meet some of my favorite blogging friends in real life.  And to be honest... it was like we were all old friends instantly.  Sarah B (blonde) met me at the train station and we dove head first in to some margaritas and it felt like home!  We did a little shopping and met up with Dani at the airport, where we hid for 30 minutes behind a pole in anticipation of a surprise.  We laughed for the rest of the day, schooled Dani on southern cuisine, took a hilarious trip to Sonic, and laughed some more.  We left Sarah behind in Baton Rouge and journeyed to NOLA where I showed the girls around my second favorite city and all of the merrymaking that is to be had!

The trip really showed me how much I stinkin love the blogging community.  Building real friendships and relationships with people across the country is such a FUN FUN FUN benefit of our hobby!  All three girls were precious and I am so glad that we are IRL buddies now too!

 Taking jumping pics with Sarah, the professional.
The first three pictures are courtesy fo Think Twice Style.  I straight up stole them.  XOXO.

 Approaching Jackson Square, the St. Louis cathedral.
 The other Sarah B, myself, and Dani!
 Jackson Square

I love old advertisements.

I cannot CANNOT wait for another meet up next year.  It is a hard decision,,, CHICAGO, MEMPHIS or LOS ANGELES?!  Let's start planning...
Happy hump day!



  1. looks like you had a great time. i often wish my blogging friends were my friends IRL.. i think it'd be so much fun! i need to get down to new orleans (and memphis, again!) soon!



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