June 11, 2012

Birthday Traditions

Birthday tradition! Or at least now that I have done it twice, it is a tradition!
Last year, I took my birthday pictures in front of this same mural!
I wore this outfit during the day on my birthday to run errands, get my free birthday drink from Starbucks, and drink lots of champagne in my hotel room.
Best birth(DAY) ever! Stay tuned for evening pictures...

{top: marshalls | shorts: DOTS | sandals: payless | necklace: F21 | sunglasses: MK}
 Precious birthday gifts at work
 free birthday drink at starbucks!
Surprise birthday breakfast from my sweet sister.


  1. COOLEST MURAL EVER, birthday princess!

    1. We have to take pictures there when you come to Memphis. After we go to Graceland...

  2. Nice to see Memphis folk represent on the blog scene. (: I lived there for 20+ years before I enlisted in the Air Force back in 2009. I love seeing the world, but I miss my home city. :D Happy birthday!

  3. 3 cheers for birthday drinks at starbucks! happy birthday, sweet one :)

    PS you won a giveaway on my blog!

  4. That mural is amazing!! I didn't even know about the birthday drink.. I missed it this year!

    1. BUMMER!!! It was definitely the icing on the cake of a great birthday!


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