March 20, 2012

TV Talk: Downton Abbey

It's official... I am officially obsessed.  I was hesitant to start watching this show after it popped up (IMO) out of nowhere.  I mean, Masterpiece Classic what the what?!  Finally, someone was just like GET ON IT, Bekah!  So I did just that.  I downloaded the first season so I could watch it in the car on the 12 hr drive to JAX Beach.   And I did!
Here's one reallllly good reason to watch:
IF that's not enough 1. You're cray cray 2. Look again.
Lemme tell you what!  I was gasping, screaming, giggling, yelling, and all of the above the whole time.
The show is everything I love about television shows.  Drama, mostly.  Gooooood drama.

I won't give anything away because that's cruel and the suspense is the best part.
Don't give away Season 2, I am still watching.
Have you watching Downton Abbey?  Let me know if you love it as much as I do!

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  1. LOVE Downton Abbey. Season 2 is my favorite! You'll enjoy it, I'm sure!

    1. I finished the whole second season in one sitting! I am definitely a fan of how it ended, though I am yearning for season 3!

  2. loooove this show! i've only seen 1 episode of season 2 though. i wish there was somewhere to watch it for free!

    1. Isn't it FAB!? You can get it on iTunes for $20 it was totally worth it for me and my unhealthy obsession with Matthew Crawley.


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