March 9, 2012

five (or six) things friday

-sweet cards
-unexpected finger injuries
-the best easter candy
-personalized coffee
-a new beach hat
A little tuneage for your Friday.
I have this song on repeat.  Not in like a depressing emo way or anything...
It's just haunting and beautiful and free.
Very much looking forward to seeing them (The Civil Wars) here in May.

I have been getting so many sweet emails this week from my readers asking me questions!
I am going to finally get cracking on the FAQ page, so if there is anything you have ever EVER wondered or wanted to ask... now is your chance. (email me!)  Free margaritas for everyone! :)
Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Love your collage. I'm obsessed with The Civil Wars.

  2. OMG, Cadbury Mini Eggs THE BEST!!! I should not have given up candy for lent!! And my husband always gets the wrong kind for my basket, hopefully my 6 year old can keep him straight this year!

  3. oh the easter candy...this year i will have to look for edible easter grass. my friend had it last year and it was so interesting and fun!


  4. Ahh, L O V E the Civil Wars! I'm super jealous you'll be seeing them. And, I totally love a good personalized Starbucks cup. Best way to brighten my day :)

  5. I love the Civil Wars. I'm the same way with their song, My Father's Father, just beautiful.

  6. I love that one, too.  The whole CD on repeat does not disappoint ever.

  7. WHAT! Edible easter grass!!?? Crazy stuff!

  8. I have to buy the small pacakges to avoid eating the whole big package in one sitting... beeeecause i would!

  9. More reason for you to come to MIM!


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