October 10, 2013

Seven Layer Dressing

maxi skirt (dress): target // gingham top: target // flats: nine west // 
military vest: old navy // necklaces: accessory auction

Get your layers on, girl! I take the privilege of layering very seriously.  I have to be flexible in needing to shed a layer in mid-day.  In college, one friend commented on my outfit, asking how many layers I was actually wearing... I've toned it down a bit since then though.  I feel much more "dressed" when there are more elements to my outfit.  Today it is just dress, shirt, vest!  I can't wait until the temps cooperate and I can break out my scarf collection.  In the meantime, we are having really great evenings with windows open and pleasant mornings of coffee on the patio.
Oh yeah, and this vest?
We are ready for another beautiful fall/winter season together.
What are your favorite go-to layering pieces?  Buying any new ones this season?
I would love to get a new vest like this or this to add to my collection.


  1. I need to get a vest!! I am wanting to do the casual vest on top of dressy attire .. I am searching for the right vest ... love that furry one you linked!! Much Love and Merriness!!

  2. I do too! LOL I wear at least 4-5 layers daily lol

  3. This is so adorable :) I really like that necklace, I think I would wear it like everyday!


    1. Thanks so much! It was a great purchase, I love it!

  4. The material of the skirt looks so light and comfortable!

    1. It's amazing!! I want to
      Wear it everyday!


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