October 25, 2013

Sweater Weather

 leggings: dots (here) // flat boots: target (here) // sweater: i ♥ ronson (old) //
sunglasses: cole haan // shirt: tj maxx

This is definitely my favorite sweater!  I picked it up on Black Friday 2011 and I was so thrilled to break it out today for the first time this season.  I am beyond thrilled that today is Friday and the ever elusive weekend has come a-calling!  I am having the first of many costumed Halloween shin-digs and celebrating my big brother's 30th (WHAT!) birthday!  Lots of merrymaking shall be had around these parts.  I've gone back and forth (and back) trying to decide what to dress up like this year, but eventually I just had to go with my heart's desire.
(Yes, I am an adult, and yes, I take costume parties seriously... there will be daiquiris after all.)
What have you got on your weekend agenda! Pour one for me, happy weekend!
Oh, and that cute black dog?  He's the best accessory for any outfit.


  1. Love this outfit! I heart Ronson... Love their clothes!

    1. Thanks sugar! I LOOOOVE the brand too!! We need to go shopping together!

  2. Love this outfit! Those boots are cute. I saw them at Target and wasn't sure how I felt about them.

    1. Thanks, Karen! I love the studs up the back, they sold them for me!! :)


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