January 22, 2013

Antiques & Favorite Shirts

{red top: rainbow (surprised? i was) | leggings: tj maxx | boots: nine west | necklace: c/o eclectic ornaments | purse: olivia & joy | sunglasses: michael kors}
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A Monday off work was such a treat! As a belated birthday present to my mom (Hey Donna, love you!) I took her to eat at Ronnie Grisanti' s (YUM!) inside the HUGE and wonderfully treasure-filled Sheffield's Antique Mall! I can't wait to go back and score some items on my wish list!  I saw a little vanity table that needs to be mine! Then my lovely friend Kayla and I went to get some margaritas and see an insanely horrible scary movie (my favorite)... by the way, if you want to see Mama, save yourself the ticket price and wait for the redbox.  
Moving on, finding this top was a result of a rainy work day lunch hour where I needed to get in some intense retail therapy in a short amount of time.  I love how flowy it is! It has definitely been moved up on the list of my favorite tops and I can't wait to dress it down and add some layers!  It really was way cold today and I could have used some extra warmth.  Other than that I would say it was a great find!

Bonus: outtake for this Tuesday, you're welcome!
(I'm a little tea pot?)



  1. I love your outfit!! Was Mama bad? I've been too scared to see it lol! I've still never been to Ronnie Grisanti's! Where is that at with the colorful bottles?

    1. Thanks, Laura! Mama was totally full of potential, but definitely lost me in the last 20 minutes. The colorful bottles were inside of the antique mall! Such a cool place!


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