January 3, 2013

Grey skies & Gray tights

I wish tights were easier to put on because you bet your last piece of gum... I would wear a pair every day. It may take some effort and practice to get a new pair on just right**, but when they are gray or oxblood, or rust, or olive or even cobalt (just to name a few) it certainly is worth it. They add just a perfect little oomph to any plain outfit, and I am even getting daring. A cherry red dress was perfectly complimented by my cobalt blue tights for Christmas Eve. I can't wait to play with more adventurous colors, but for today... We let the tights lead the way!

Yesterday, the first day back to work after Christmas break was super super hard. I swear that by 4:30 pm, I could easily believe its 9 at night. Winter, I love ya, but ya got me all shook up! Hey, TGIF!

**oh wait, that's just me. Awkward.
{dress: TJ Maxx | sweater: target | tights: we love colors | belt, boots: LB | earrings: simply chic}


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