January 12, 2013

Merrymaking Lately...

When I haven't been dressing up for game days....
I mastered an ultimate Bloody Mary recipe.
I've been working and babysitting like crazy, counting down the days til spring break.
I ordered a gorilla pod so I will be back to taking OOTD pics once this rain stops.
I've been planning a weekend getaway to Nashville for the coming weekend (SO EXCITED)
Drinking tons of tea and hoping no one I know gets the flu!!! So thankful I got the shot!
Growing out my locks! It's been a long time coming and I'm getting a trim soon!
My January shopping ban is 12 days strong. Yay me!
Having movie nights with friends. Especially the canine ones.
Trying new recipes!

The questions is... What have you been doing lately, my little chickens!?


  1. Your cookie monster drawing makes my heart happy!

  2. Ok yum, that drinks looks delicious. I love the little doodles!!

  3. I need a get away as well hope yours goes great! I also love these photos.
    Almost Endearing


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