February 17, 2011

brag-worthy buys

 The weekend is almost here.

I am so pumped up. 

Rosey Posey Ruffle Tank

 It must be the sunshine and the much needed dose of Vitamin D 
(I'm wearing sandals, ahhhh!)!
Glorious!  Hope that all of you are having nice + lovely weather too!

So- I'll just brag on myself for a little bit.
We made a delicious dinner at Sister #1's house with her lovely roomies.
On the menu was Rachel Ray's Spinach + Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breast + lemony smashed potatoes.  This is the only pic I got because we were starrrrrrrving by the time it was done. 
But in case you couldn't tell- it was yum yumm.

Then we all piled in the car and got Sweet Cece's.
I just love having a great night with friends smack dab in the middle of the week, makes me smile.
no really, i am still smiling.
I found Black Swan wine at the wine store.  We needed it to cook with, but I love to buy new wines + the Pinot Grigio was really good.  I thought it was fun, and it would make a great Oscar party favor! The bottle was reasonably priced at $6.99 plus tax.

Have y'all seen the movie?  It's pretty good- 
if you like severely disturbing dance dramas.

I went shopping yesterday afternoon + no, not for me, but my little man.  I have been searching for a bed for Ozzy that wasn't huge or ugly.  And you'll never guess where I found one.  Petco!  
It's made by SNUGGIE and it's a nesting nook.
Sounds crazy, but this dog loves to burrow.
I was SO proud of my shopping trip.  I'm a nerd.

And the prince approves.


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  1. i still need to see black swan!! sweet...love the little nesting bed...he seems to like it !



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