February 17, 2011

thrifty thursday

Thrifty Thursday, a day where you where something you got from a thrift or second-hand store and show pics where you made it your own.  I did it last week, but it is always a fun challenge to mix + remix your bargain buys!
I love this sweater.  We fell in love a mere week ago, but it was definitely at first sight.
It was so windy today, but we still had fun taking pictures.  Yes, me + the sweater.

You'll have to excuse the faces I was making- The wind was pretty fierce.

Shirt + dark jeans: Target, sweater: thrifted, nude flats: payless
Have you ever thrown on a simple outfit + it turned out to be comfortable and effortlessly chic?
Those are my favorite.
It's a more than simple outfit- but I liked the way the pictures turned out with the overcast day.
I obviously know nothing about photography.

Hope all is well, + it is almost the weekend!

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  1. It was so windy here too. Is this a feature you started or did you get it from somewhere?

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